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February 5, 2010

Should This Woman Abort? YOU Decide

That's the premise of a new -- but fictional -- reality show, where the audience makes the choice

Three young women, all very early in unplanned pregnancies, are the main characters of a new "fictional reality" online TV show, in which the viewing audience gets to choose who aborts, and who does not.

BUMP+ is fictional in that the characters are really actresses, not real women in such a situation. But their predicaments are very real and common. One is a young mother of two who is pregnant with another while living with an abusive boyfriend. Another is a young wife whose military husband has been deployed to Iraq, and she got pregnant during a lonely one-night stand. Another is a young woman who has aborted before and says she has no guilt about the procedure.

Each brief webisode (three so far, and each is less than 8 minutes long) sheds new light on the women's situations and features plenty of feedback and comments from viewers. The show's writers say they're incorporating viewer feedback into their writing for subsequent episodes; i.e., even the creators don't know how this is going to end. They say they're not trying to craft the shows in such a way to bias the audience one way or another, and from what I've seen of the three episodes so far, that seems to be true. Of course, pro-life viewers will already be predisposed to vote only one way for all three women, no matter their situations. But it'll be interesting to see how pro-choice viewers vote -- to them, when is it OK to go ahead and have the baby?

Check out the trailer below, and check out the first three episodes at the site. Feel free to leave your comments here and/or at the show's site.


How incredibly sad that anyone would consider this "entertainment."

God created us, born and yet to be born. We have no right to question Him. That is a BABY - is created by GOD.

It doesn't matter what their situation is, the blood shed and the tissue in the trash can would belong to a human, not a dog, not a a cat, not a bird. It would all test scientifically as belonging to a human who is now dead.


"When is it OK to have the baby?"
Easy: when it is wanted, healthy, and poses no threat to the life or health of the woman.

It is ALWAYS mujrder to abort a child. It doesn't matter what the circumstance is. Two humans can only birth a human. And you can't kill what's already dead. So, aborting is ending life, and that of a human!