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February 18, 2010

'We Got a Lot of Answers in This Episode'

Tuesday night's episode of Lost was revealing in more ways than one


Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, chimes in on the developments in Tuesday's episode of LOST. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Seay notes that Fake Locke/Man in Black/Esau "seems really nice" and rhetorically wonders, "Is he really the good guy? The show keeps us guessing." Meanwhile, he also notes a bit of a "reversal of roles" in the alternate reality -- Jack seems to believe in miracles, but Locke doesn't. But, adds Seay, "I'm not going to read too much into it." That's always the temptation, isn't it! Check Chris's thoughts below:

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Don't miss the ladder that fake Locke and Sawyer climbed down to get into the cave where Jacob wrote there names. Jacob's ladder? Jacob's ladder in Genesis 30: had angels descending and ascending upon it and it led to Heaven. When you climb the Jacob's ladder out of the cave it leads to...the island. Interesting?

Thanks for the posts...

Sorry I posted before I typed the correct reference. Genesis 28:12

God bless

Chris, I think my husband and I have some major things figured out. Esau is the black smoke and shapeshifter which has taken the form of people who have died and appeared to be alive on the Island i.e. Christian and Libby. He is now appeared as John Locke. He uses this "power" to manipulate people into action on his behalf. I believe that Aaron holds the key to many of the answers because he is the only child to have been born on the island and survived. Kinda like the" only begotten son of the Island" ( as he was the sorta miracle baby). It goes with the major Biblical imagery of the show. I could be totally wrong of course, just a thought...

I'm so glad you mentioned it being Ash Wednesday. As I went to our church's service Wednesday night, I had a hard time NOT thinking about all the ashes on "Lost." My 13-year-old daughter, who is my fellow Lost fan in our family, said much the same thing as we got ready to have the ashes imposed on us. But, we tried to focus and get back in the right frame of mind. :-)

(AWESOME episode, by the way. I think the "ghost boy" is a either younger version of Jacob or some other "referee" on the island. And I hold out home that Sawyer is totally pulling a con on Easu and that he won't fall for his ploys. Only thing that somewhat disappointed me. Even though Locke seems happier in Altworld, I don't like that he appears to not believe in fate and faith. I'm hoping he will get back to that.)

Enjoy the blog and podcast!

So Jack's number is 23, as in Psalm 23: "The Lord is my Shepherd..." Interesting coincidence. I wonder if the Psalms shed light on any other character/number combos.

I disagree with Chris on the sideways stories. I don't think these are "candy" at all. These are fun, sure, but they are not JUST fun. There is something important for us to see. We don't need to be looking for what's false, but what is the connection? Is this like the Matrix: The wool pulled over the eyes of people who could make a difference? Is it showing us the difference in each life if Jacob had not intervened?

I do agree though that the young boy was Jacob. And that the Fake Locke is not the good guy despite appearing 'nice'....but I am not holding my breath that we find out exactly who he is in the next episode!

Hey, some of us rural readers still have dial-up internet and can't download utube videos. Could you please print out transcripts of these reviews? Also, someone may want to print out a review. I really want to hear your insights into Lost, but they are not accessible to me.