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March 10, 2010

'Can I Get a Witness?'

"Dr. Linus," Chris' "favorite episode in LOST history," pays off on themes of faith and redemption.


Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, chimes in on the developments in Tuesday's episode of LOST. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Seay calls this his "favorite episode in Lost history," noting that "none have dealt better with faith and redemption." Chris notes how Jack's newfound "tremendous faith" restores that of the desperate Richard Alpert, adding, "if you haven't been in Richard Alpert's shoes [feeling hopeless and abandoned by God], you likely haven't been living the life of faith very long." As we witness yet another in a string of transformed father/son relationships, Chris wonders what it might all mean for our characters' redemption (or destruction). And he breaks down Ben's "remarkable and beautiful redemptive narrative" in light of his conversation with Ilana at the episode's end.

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Chris, I have to agree with you that this was my favorite episode in LOST history (apart, perhaps, from a few finales/premieres, but I love them for completely different reasons). It paid off on all these big spiritual themes the show has been nurturing for years in just exactly the ways I always hoped it would. This season is so well capturing the sense of loss and frustration the disciples must have felt after Jesus' death, and that so many of us experience when we don't feel God's presence as strongly as we might wish. I can't wait to see how it plays that theme out toward the big finale...and I have no doubt it will.

Chris, this TOO would rank as the TOP of all six seasons, not just because it was fabulously written and acted, but for the absolutely amazing Christian subtexts...I can't do any justice in words to say how this episode affected me. I just got your book, so am looking forward to reading it.
God Bless,

I would have called this episode "I'll have you," arguably the most emotive three words said on LOST.

This was a truly great episode that, like Laura, made me see so much of the confusion and scattering of the disciples during those three dark days.

I sobbed and sobbed, and sobbed some more, as I watched this episode (and, even as I've read recaps and watched your video recap here).It was so powerful to me, and one of the most beautiful stories of redemption I've seen on television. The Ben-Ilana exchange was unbelievable. My husband looked at me after it and said, "That's amazing grace."


I too agree with you that this was my favourite ep of LOST history. Phenomenal acting by Michael Emerson, and beautiful, sweet, redemption and grace. Loved it. Thanks for your thoughts, I'm passing them along to all my friends - Christian and not, who watch LOST!

A note on Kate: in the Last Supper picture with the LOST cast, Locke is in the position of Jesus, with the two teams on either side (though I can't figure out why Illana and Richard are on the Flocke side) anyways, Kate is in the position of Judas! I think she will betray him for the sake of Jack, in the end. I'm hoping that Jack will be the final candidate, as the date for the series finale is May 23, and we all know the importance of that number!!

-Jen (the same Jen who on Twitter sent you the link for that woman's thoughts on how Lost is the ultimate argument against religion - and btw, could you email me the link for your response? i'm really curious how you responded to her! thanks!)

Beautiful episode. Ilana is a model for what the Church should be. Nobody is too far gone to be forgiven and redeemed. The Church needs to work harder to get that message across, while not compromising our beliefs. Can't wait for next week, and especially the week after when we get Richard's backstory. I foresee some strong Christian imagery there in regards to the chains that once held him. LOST continues to prove what I've been telling people: It's the only show that "matters."