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March 16, 2010

From Mother of God to . . . God?

Nativity Story's Keisha Castle-Hughes to play 'Creator' in Legend of the Seeker

A little more than three years ago, Keisha Castle-Hughes played Mary in The Nativity Story -- a role that became a bit true to life as it was announced shortly after production that the young star from New Zealand was actually pregnant at the age of 16.

Now it appears that Castle-Hughes has received an "upgrade" in roles -- she'll play God, or at least the Creator, in the March 27 episode of TV's Legend of the Seeker.

"We imagined the Creator as a very young, beautiful, and ethereal woman," exec producer and head writer Ken Biller told Entertainment Weekly. "Keisha was pretty much our conception of what it would be."


Its so weird when a human plays God especially the person expressing the character imagine how would they feel either superpowered or feeling too weak ..