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March 3, 2010

'Ordet' Tops Arts & Faith's New Top 100

Danish film, a meditation on faith, is No. 1 in the online community's best movies of all time

After "years of discussion and debate within the Arts & Faith online community," A&F has posted its new Top 100 Films list, with Ordet (The Word), written and directed in 1955 by Carl Dreyer, in the No. 1 position.

In an Image blog post announcing the new list, Jeffrey Overstreet, a former film critic for CT, says the list is "characterized both by artistic excellence and a serious wrestling with questions that at the root might be called religious or spiritual.”

The list will certainly generate conversation, if not controversy, for omitting such beloved films as The Ten Commandments and The Passion of The Christ -- which might be surprising for a list compiled by film lovers and critics who are all Christians.

Writes Overstreet, “Many Christians have become so concerned about the usefulness of art as a tool of ministry and evangelism, they’ve forgotten—or never known in the first place—what art really is, and how it works.”

Check out the entire list
, and let us know what you think. What did they get right? What did they miss? Please leave your comments here, and on the A&F site. They'd certainly love to hear from you.


"Jesus of Montreal"? Arrgh!

Woohoo!! Been waiting for this updated list a long time.

It's a pretty good list. A little two artsy for my tastes, but it has some good ones to pick out and enjoy...

and by "two" I mean "too." oops...