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March 30, 2010

Sunday School on Tuesday Night with 'LOST'

'USA Today' piece with Chris Seay highlights show's biblical references


A nice piece in today's USA Today, titled "It's Sunday school on Tuesday night for 'Lost' devotees," includes author Chris Seay explaining a number of the biblical allusions and references in the show.

Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost and a regular guest vlogger here during Lost's final season, told the newspaper that he believes the Man in Black represents Esau, that Richard's story "has something to do" with the Old Testament's Joseph in Egypt, and that Aaron may be a Moses figure, "the one child, uniquely saved in a tragic situation, and thus is prepared to help liberate God's people." Seay says he's "guessing on a very Aaron-centric episode" in the season finale in May.

(Photo: ABC/Mario Perez)

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