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March 1, 2010

The Gospel According to . . . Desmond?

Henry Ian Cusick's filmography might just give us a clue as to who will save the island


I think I've figured out who will save the island and all of its inhabitants:

Yes, it's Desmond, aka Scottish actor Henry Ian Cusick, aka Jesus in The Visual Bible's excellent production of The Gospel of John. Hmm, Desmond as savior? The plot thickens. Or not.


I really wish this would come true. But alas, they've only shown him in a short scene during the season premiere. And they also teased us with a cameo from Charlie.

Well, whether or not it has anything to do with this old role, I have thought for a long time that Desmond is surely a key to the battle for the island and putting all right. After all, he is special. I believe he holds the key to resolving the disconnect between the sideways-flashes and the island action. After all, as Eloise says, he still has a part to play. The island is not done with him yet.