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April 5, 2010

'I'd Do What Jesus Would Do'

Exclusive clip from 'Letters to God,' faith-based film opening this week

Letters to God, which opens Friday, is a based-on-a-true-story film about a cancer-stricken boy who works out his faith and feelings by writing letters to God -- and the mailman who is changed forever as a result. You can watch the trailer here, and check out the following exclusive clip, in which the boy, Tyler, wonders if he'll be teased at school for his chemo-induced bald head:

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This looks like a great movie that will make you stop and think and be thankful,"Letters to God".Opens today.April 5th 2010

I'm taking our entire ladies group from to see Letters to God in the theater on Monday. I saw it during the pre-screenings and it is incredible! This movie is such an eye opener to what thousands of families go through every day and how thankful we should all be. Two thumbs up.