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April 14, 2010

John Ratzenberger: An Angel Who Packs a Punch!

In trailer for Dallas Jenkins' new faith-based movie, the former Cliff Clavin plays an angel


Filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, son of Left Behind co-writer Jerry, has just finished the official trailer for his upcoming movie, What If . . ., starring Kevin Sorbo (the title character in TV's Hercules) and John Ratzenberger (Cliff Clavin on TV's Cheers and a voice in every Pixar movie).

Sorbo plays a man who turns his back on his high school sweetheart and chases a life of wealth and materialism instead . . . and then an angel (Ratzenberger) appears to show him "what if" he had opted for the simple life of faith, family, and the love of his life.

There's a funny moment in the trailer where Ratzenberger gives Sorbo's character the option of closing his eyes and counting backward from 100, so he can make something clear to him. When Sorbo's character says no, Ratzenberger says "Fine, have it your way," and throws a right cross to knock him out!

Check out the trailer for the film, which is now in its final production stages, here:

What If Theatrical Trailer from Pure Flix on Vimeo.


Looking forward to watch this beautiful movie! By watching the trailer, Kevin is great!!!! We need more movies like that on screen!

The movie looks good, but isn't this Nic Cage's "Family Man" repackaged for a Christian audience? Sure seems to be from the trailer. But, that being said, Hollywood is constantly repackaging itself, so why not?

I agree, Chester. I actually wrote a similar comment. But for some reason, the moderator didn't approve it. Maybe you expressed the thought in a nicer way.

And "Family Man" is just "It's a Wonderful Life" redone in a way too isnt' it? It seems many movies today are remakes in one way or another.

But Hollywood would not make a movie with a scene that led someone to eternal life with the Father. This movie was right on for today and I am so grateful that I found this movie on Netflix instead of the Nick Cage version.