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April 20, 2010

'Lord Save Us' Now Available on DVD

Thought-provoking documentary hits video shelves today

Lord Save Us From Your Followers, one of the more thought-provoking films of 2009, releases to DVD today.

In the film, director/star Dan Merchant, a Christian, wonders aloud why believers he'd met in Africa were so full of kindness, joy, and grace—often the opposite of what he'd encountered with Christians in America, who are often full of antagonistic rhetoric. If our faith is the same as theirs, Merchant wonders, "Why is the gospel of love dividing America?" He takes that question to the streets and to notable personalities, and the answers he gets are revealing.

Learn more about the film, and the DVD, here.


I am looking forward to watching this! It has a message I have been afraid to think was so apparent. Maybe we could hide it behind potlucks and stuff. Alas, Jesus called us to love one another. And most of the world knows we are supposed to...time for obedience.

Another great interview by the director/star Dan Merchant can be found here: