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April 1, 2010

LOST Spoiler: Resurrected Locke Saves Island!

In an exclusive interview with an insider, CT gets the scoop -- mostly -- on how Season 6 will end


In one of the biggest scoops in CT history, we have learned from an ABC junior staffer how the popular TV show LOST will end with its season finale in May.

A camera assistant working on the set in Oahu -- she asked to remain anonymous, giving us only her initials, A.F. -- secretly obtained a copy of the script for the show's last episode and shared it with CT.

In the finale, in a bizarre twist on the whole "flash-sideways" concept, 10-year-old Aaron returns to the island where he is not only reunited with Claire, but apparently has a miracle touch as well. He finds the dead John Locke, lays his hands on the body, utters what seems to be a prayer in a combination of Latin and Egyptian, and Locke slowly rises, Lazarus-like, from his coffin. The risen Locke's first words are, "Where is the imposter?"

When told how to find "Fake Locke," the real Locke grabs a knife and strolls away from the beach. When he finds his "evil twin," Locke stabs him in the heart, killing him instantly. Locke then finds Richard and asks him to round up everyone on the island and bring them to Charles Widmore's submarine by Hydra Island. They all climb on board the sub and leave the island, which Widmore blows up with an atomic bomb -- and this time, it really disappears for good. They then head to Los Angeles, where they will be reunited with their "parallel universe" selves and somehow resolve that ongoing tension. But we don't know how that happens, unfortunately; our source tells us that the final six pages of the copy of her script were accidentally charred in a fire, and are thus illegible. So, some mystery remains intact.

Even though we don't know how it ultimately ends, we do know this much:

A powerful redemption is looming for oodles of LOST supporters!

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I also hear Vincent the dog has a very heroic scene.

Rumor has it the brave canine attacks Fake Locke's boot. Fake Locke goes to stab the mutt, but it's all the distraction Real Locke needs to kill the evil Smokey!


Ah...I see what day it is....

But it would be pretty cool to see the real Locke come back and take out fake Locke.

I think it would be interesting to see CT entertainment blog comment on other tv series besides LOST. Other shows have themes relevant to Christians as well.

I also herd that Mccain would say where's the imposter after having a fighting chance in 2012, In LOST the movie, McCain would be like, where's the imposter and stab Obama in the heart.