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April 24, 2010

Mercy Me! A Million Downloads!

'I Can Only Imagine' goes platinum . . . and other tidbits from the music world

MercyMe's mega-hit, "I Can Only Imagine," recently hit a major milestone, becoming the first Christian song in history to surpass the 1-million mark in online downloads. Jeff Moseley, president of INO Records, said the event "is a testament to the fact that a song can change the world." MercyMe frontman Bart Millard, who wrote the song when his father was dying of cancer, added, "Once again it is overwhelming to see the success that a song which is so personal to me has touched so many lives."

> So, a million downloads makes for a wealthy band, right? Wrong. One 99-cent download from iTunes nets just 9 cents for the artist. So, for MercyMe, a million downloads adds up to $90,000, split by six people in the band equals $15,000 apiece, spread out over about a decade of downloads, equals, oh, about $1500 a year. Downloads simply aren't a great source of revenue for artists, as this chart clearly shows. The best way to make money online is to sell self-pressed CDs or discs through CD Baby, netting $7.50 or more per album sale.

> While the Dove Awards were handed out recently, Canadian artist Matt Brouwer picked up a Juno Award (Canada's version of the Grammys) for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year for Where’s Our Revolution.

> Legendary singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn, he of 30 albums and multiple awards, is going to let fans a little deeper inside his head -- he's writing a memoir. to be published by Harper Collins Canada in 2012. Cockburn said the idea of writing a memoir had “popped up now and then,” and that it had “always seemed too soon,” but that the project finally seems timely.

> In a recent article for Guideposts magazine, Denise Jonas -- mother of the Jonas Brothers band -- discusses their faith, her prayer life, son Nick's diabetes, and more. Mrs. Jonas writes, "My mom was a prayer warrior when I was growing up and taught me to trust God. Still, letting go can be scary. . . . When the fears get the worst of me, I pray—fiercely and fervently. I love my kids, but God loves them just as much if not more. I remember how my mom prayed for me, and I pray for them. That they’re safe in God’s hands. That they’ll be well. That they’ll make good choices. That they’ll know, no matter what, they have a mom who believes in them and knows when to let go and let God."


MercyMe's "I Can Only Imagine," is definately a mega hit and a major milestone, becoming the firstin the Christian gospel songs history.