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May 14, 2010

First 'Dawn Treader' Poster Revealed

Aslan, Reepicheep, and a reflection of the ship highlight the film's new one-sheet


Fox Walden has released the first one-sheet poster for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third film in the Chronicles of Narnia series, coming to theaters this December.

The image here pretty much speaks for itself -- Aslan's face, the mouse Reepicheep standing atop the title, the Dawn Treader reflected in Aslan's eye. And the text: "Return to Magic. Return to Hope. Return to Narnia." All well and good, except for one thing, IMHO: The heavy emphasis on 3-D. The type size for those letter is almost as big as the word "Narnia" itself.

Sigh. I knew this film was going to be in 3-D, and have just kind of ignored that point for months. But now that I see the term so prominent on the poster, it's right there, in your face, and there's no getting around it. I agree wholeheartedly with Roger Ebert's essay -- about why he hates 3-D -- which we posted earlier today.

Narnia doesn't need a gimmick. Just tell the story and show us the characters -- who are already quite three-dimensional -- and by Aslan's mane, everything else will take care of itself.

Despite that gripe, I have high hopes for this movie, after being somewhat disappointed by The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and quite disappointed in Prince Caspian. I think Walden has righted the ship, so to speak, with a renewed commitment to the source material, and based on some early buzz, I've got a good feeling. And, of course, I don't have to see it in 3-D; I'll enjoy one of my favorite fictional worlds -- and some of my favorite characters -- in two dimensions just fine, thank you!

(Hat tip to Rachel at NarniaWeb.)

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I happen to disagree with Ebert on this. Ebert is great at critiquing movies, but he has difficulty accepting new media as equally valid. Note his article about how video games will never be good art the way movies can be. 3D is just another way of telling a story, and for some movies, it works really well. It worked quite well for How To Train Your Dinosaur. It did not work quite as well for Clash of the Titans, but that movie was subpar in general.

I liked the first two movies, LWW better than PC, but they were still well done. I'm looking forward to this one, too.

3D...eh. I can take or leave it. I hear that the important thing is if they do it intentionally (ie, How to Train your Dragon) or add it on afterward (ie, Clash of the Titans). I still think it's gimmicky, just a way to get people into theaters (until they come out with a way to do 3D decently at home). But sometimes it can be cool. As long as it doesn't detract from the story.

I personally would love to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D, and I haven't yet seen a 3D movie. The only reason I go to a movie theater anymore is for the immersion experience of the big screen, and that's usually just for fantasy films. I would think the 3 would add to the sense of immersion, and I would really enjoy being immersed in Narnia, even if only for 2 hours. I'm more focused on them getting the storyline right, and not dropping the important lessons in favor of fight scenes that are virtually nonexistent in this book.

The Voyage of the Dawntreader actually comes out on DVD April 8! I think it would be great if you could repost that for all of your other readers to see!