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May 10, 2010

If It Blesses Me in a Great Way Financially, Amen!

So says Stephen Baldwin on a new website that is raising money for the actor


Actor Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the Baldwin brothers, has been teased, even ridiculed, for his outspoken Christian beliefs (he became a believer in 2002). Of course, one might argue that anybody who has claimed that Bono was in league with Satan, gets Hannah Montana's initials tattooed on his shoulder, and gives bizarre interviews like this one ("Wow. What's sloth?") deserves a bit of ribbing.

As a result, and in the wake of Baldwin's declared bankruptcy, some of his supporters have launched the Restore Stephen Baldwin website with the vision "to see Stephen Baldwin publicly restored in front of millions." And if that means raising millions for the actor (the website solicits donations), well, the more the merrier.

In what he says was his only interview about the website and campaign, Baldwin tells PopEater that he's not involved in the campaign, but that "it's a charitable situation and whatever God's going to do, God's going to do. If it turns out to be something that blesses me in a great way financially, then Amen." He says he could "easily" earn up to $2 million a year, but doesn't because his faith prevents him from accepting roles that would earn him that type of money. (No mention about what might have happened to the $2 million/year he earned for 15 years before becoming a Christian.)

Baldwin concludes the interview with this: "Let me be very honest. I don't want to paint some picture of myself where I'm a normal born-again Christian. I'm Stephen Baldwin. I'm opinionated, I'm a bold personality, I know how to light a fuse and cause trouble here and there if I want to, and I've publicly made statements in regard to my faith and conservative point of view that people aren't going to agree with. And God bless America that we have the freedom to do that."


Egads... This is like supporting a televangelist. Bart noticed in the quote from Mr. Baldwin it seems like he's very self-centred. He talks about himself as being different than other Christians, his "opinionated" and "bold" personality and then his abilities to "cause trouble" (when was this Jesus' command?). Of course, the Wang knows he can fall into this same trap. Stephen seems to still be in the young, immature Christian phase that many people (Bart included) go through. Let's pray he grows in grace, maturity and truth in Jesus, not himself or the Christian religion.

He is a hypocrite. He just posed half naked in the European edition of Cosmo. Some born-again Christian. I guess he needed to set aside his principles to maked some dough to pay off his debts.