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May 6, 2010

Jesus Christ Cartoon in Development

Comedy Central announces "JC," an animated sitcom that follows Christ in modern-day NYC.

While Comedy Central is censoring depictions of Muhammad, they’re giving Jesus Christ his own show. At the network’s upfront presentations this week, Comedy Central announced “JC,” a program currently in development that follows Christ as he attempts to “escape the shadow of his ‘powerful but apathetic father’ and live a regular life in New York.” The network described the animated comedy as “a playful take on religion and society with a sprinkle of dumb.”


The network recently came under fire for censoring images of Mohammad in an episode of the long-running animated sitcom "South Park." After drawing criticism from Islamic groups, the network decided to censor all images of the Muslim prophet as well as a speech given by the character. Over the years, "South Park" has regularly featured Jesus as a character on the program; he hosted a television call-in show called “Jesus & Pals,” used his “master carpentry skills” to fight an evil magician,” and, in his last appearance, got shot in the back by a Muslim extremist.

“In general, comedy in its purest form always makes some people uncomfortable,” said Comedy Central head of original programming Kent Alterman.

The show was announced as one of 22 projects currently “in development”; the network says planning is in its early stages and, according to Alterman, “we don’t even know what the show is yet.”

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I'm intrigued by the phrase "comedy in its purest form". Anyone have a clue what Alterman is referring to, exactly? The way this post is structured suggests that he considers edgy and/or controversial comedy as the purest form thereof.

One idea: watch one episode, determine who the sponsors are, then boycott those...their source of revenue is the strongest leverage over this type of abuse. Blessings on those who defend the Truth.

South Park is a pretty rotten cartoon to start with. It's not funny, but focuses on vile, dirty, raunchy humor.

While they may think it's o.k to mock and blashpheme Christ in a cartoon, one day when they meet Him in person, they will wish that's all He was, a cartoon, rather than God Himself on the Judgement Throne.

It's amazing, if the U.S. Muslims complain about using Mohammed in the cartoon, South Park will stop using it, but feel it's ok to use Christ !

We now live in a day and time in history, in the United States, when Judges can rule simple prayer unconstitutional,
remove any public images of Christianity at Christmas, such as Nativity Scenes, outlaw prayer and teaching Creationism in the schools, promote homosexual marriages and the killing of unborn babies.

Ruth Bell Graham, Billy Graham's wife said before she went home to be with Lord, "If God does not judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah."

Thank God, Christ is coming back soon to right all these, and many other evil wrongs of man and the devil and set up His kingdom on this earth !

I think it is sick and Jesus Christ should not be made fun of. We as cheistians need to stand up and do something. I myself im going to start a petition to boycott the show and I challange every christian to do the same. This is our lord and savior there talking about.

Please note that I am Muslim and we Muslims also object to this cartoon about Jesus (peace be upon him). Jesus is considered a highly revered prophet in Islam and we are also protesting and hoping that this cartoon will not go on the air.

Know that Jesus Christ can give rest for your soul. Rest for the soul and body is the greatest need of all mankind, but how to arrive it has always remained a secret that can only be revealed by God through his word.

For more information salvation resources!

I'm a Christian and South Park is my favorite show. In my opinion, South Park isn't that bad of a show. I'll admit that that having Jesus as a character is edgy, but it is nowhere near as offensive as Family Guy. Family Guy makes fun of Christians so much worse than South Park. South Park makes fun of our society and all the conformist sheep that go along with it. I'm such of hearing fellow Christians complain about South Park, but yet they don't complain about shows on MTV and all the other reality crap that's so popular. If you ask me, shows that glorify sluts and conceited morons are alot worse that a few potty-mouthed forth graders. And besides, South Park makes fun of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, not just Christians.