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May 21, 2010

My Wish List for the LOST Finale

Chris Seay offers his thoughts on Tuesday's episode, "What They Died For."

Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, offers his thoughts on the vital developments of Tuesday night's episode, "What They Died For," and what he hopes to see in Sunday night's finale. (SPOILERS AHEAD) Seay says he really enjoyed the scene of Jacob talking to the four candidates around the campfire: "I chose all of you because you were flawed, you were all like me, alone and looking for something you couldn't find, and you need this place as much as it needs you." Seay also laid out a "laundry list" of what he hopes to see in Sunday's finale: Aaron's birth, Jack & Kate and Desmond & Penny together, to know that Jin and Sun's child is cared for, and finally, the name of Jacob's brother. "What do you want to know?" Seay asks. Put your answers in the comments below.

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I want to know who is David's (Jack's son in the sideways world) mother?

I want to see Sawyer and Juliet reunited at the coffee shop.

I want to know what made walt so special and why he appeared ghostlike with the whispers...when we see him alive in the flashforward

I don't think The Man in Black has a name, does he?

I just wish they would explain the polar bear.

I'd like to see resolution for all the characters involved. Wishful thinking, I'm sure -- but all the side characters -Rose and Bernard, Ana Lucia, Libby, etc- their reason for being there and going through what they did..........

To be satisfied with the show, I need to know:

- How has Jacob traveled off the island if he and The Man In Black are supposedly trapped there?

- Why is Walt special?

- How do the "flash-sideways" and "present-day island" timelines converge, yet neither of them become meaningless?

- Why is it that women on the island cannot give birth, except Claire and Jacob's mother?

- How did Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid transfer to the 1970s, while the other passengers on Ajira Flight 316 remained in the "present-day island" timeline? If Jacob's touch did that, well, explain that to us a bit more.

- Why is the island underwater in the flash-sideways timeline? Does that mean the "evil personified" by Man in Black has been unleashed in this timeline?

- What was the wound on Jack's neck in the most recent episode?

Such a great show.

I don't claim to be a LOST expert, but I think the show gave us the answers to some of these questions already.

The polar bears were on the Island because the DHARMA Initiative was doing tests on them in the Hydra station.

If we take what we learned from Jacob in "What They Died For," we can assume that all of the cast members that we got to know (well, probably not Frogurt) were on the Island because they were possible candidates. Rose was there because she had cancer and she and Bernard were having trouble dealing with it. The Island cured Rose and brought the two closer together, at which point they took themselves out of the running to be Jacobs replacement. Ana Lucia is there because she killed someone and had lots of trust issues, making her a candidate. Libby is there because she was crazy and probably still dealing with the grief of her husband's death. If you believe that Damon and Carlton planned this thing out, that's a reasonable theory that explains why those characters were brought to the Island.

This might disappoint, but I don't think that Jacob's brother has a name. In "Across the Sea" his real mom said she only came up with one name. Maybe his fake mom didn't bother to come up with one for him...

Oh, I missed that it was the same four taken by the Others--good catch!

What I'd like to see: I'd like to know how Eko & Juliet are doing in the Flash Sideways. I liked their characters, & we haven't seen them yet.

Other than that, I have no idea how this will all shake down, but I'm ready for the ride.

What if Jack's son David and Claire's son Aaron become the next two Jacob & Man-in-Black?

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Juliet as Jack's wife?

I would love to see Charlie and Claire together. Their relationship was always my favorite. Talk about flawed people...

I want to know why Jacob did not put up any resistance when Ben killed him? Also seems to be a pattern that when MIB murdered the woman who raised him she told him "thank you". Seems like the people who have been guardians of the island are more than glad to pass the job to the next one. I also thought it interesting on last nights extended version of the premier it was stated that Jacob & MIB had been on the island for 2000 years. That would put them there about the same time that Jesus was walking on the earth. Can't wait for the finale. Bittersweet! want answers but don't want it to end. I am getting my box of kleenex ready.

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