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May 12, 2010

'Say the Man's Name, for God's Sake!'

Chris Seay weighs in on Tuesday's LOST episode, "Across the Sea"


Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, chimes in on the developments in Tuesday's episode of LOST, "Across the Sea." (SPOILERS AHEAD) All along, Seay has believed that the Man in Black represents Esau of the Old Testament, and Seay, like many viewers, was itching to hear the guy's name in Tuesday night's back story, especially as we learned that MIB is actually Jacob's twin brother. But NEVER was he called by name in Tuesday's episode, "my greatest frustration," says Seay. "He was just, 'Hey you.' Say the man's name, for God's sake!" Seay also noted that some LOST fans are getting frustrated over a lack of answers, especially with just a couple episodes remaining. But as Seay reminds us, "This is life, and this is faith. Life doesn't give us all the answers. It's like Paul said: There are things I know, the rest I see through a dim glass." Watch Seay's vlog below for the rest of his insights.

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Why does a Christian site choose to quote profanity?

This is not profanity; it is a misuse of God's name. God's name is holy. The two are different.

But regardless, let him who is without sin...Let's focus on our own sins and worry less about other people's. Our own personal sins should be more than enough to focus on and after all, those are the ones we are accountable to God for, not other people's. Right?!!?

I would like to say, "Yea CT, for giving an article about the positive and interesting points of 'Lost.' I love this show. Keep 'em coming!"


Thanks for correcting me. I'll rephrase.

Why does CT quote a misuse of God's name?

From everything I've read, including interviews with Cuse and Lindeldorf, there aren't going to be many more answers. No MIB's name, no polar bear backstory, no island history.

However, though Lost will not give the answers fans want, I'm holding out hope that someday we'll get some type of book giving more details into the island's mysteries. Kind of like the Silmarillion.

Really? We are not getting answers because "this is life, this is faith". Yes, we Christians, should have faith in God, but you are talking about a TV show, so I don't think what Paul said applies to this.Faith in JJ Abrams? The writers are very well financially compensated and they should give us answers or at least, a plot that makes sense. God doesn't need to give us answers or explain himself to us. But that's God.
I like the show, but try to make everything in the show to "fit" the word of God, please, it is a big waste of time, talent and resource. I subscribe CT and I think it is a wonderful magazine. I don't even know why I was reading to this blog, even more surprisingly, I don't know why I am wasting my time commenting on it. Thanks

This is a great example of "meaning is in the mind of the reader" rather than "meaning is in the content or words". I wonder if the writers of "LOST" are laughing at Christians trying to find all this Biblical meaning in LOST when all the time it is the yin and the yang, the new age or hindu bent on working out Karma and reincarnation. In the last episode when Jin and Sun die there is the imagery of a womb with a heart beat in the background...rebirth, the cycle goes on. Any implication of Christianity is "Lost" in all the new age all roads lead to enlightenment theme evidenced in the show.

This song sums it up:

Lost Answers

I purposely dropped engagdet and slashdot because I got tired of the foul language in the comments. So, I added CT to my feedreader this morning, and right out of the gate I get a profanity (and it is profane to use God's name in this way).

Thanks CT! Might be first time/last time for me.

I want to know why the black smoke twin brother never had a name. Also, where is Walt? Guess we are to assume that Jacob's brother is Esau?

One quick comment: we got the polar bear backstory in season 2, when Sawyer and Kate were held in the cages which the Dharma project used to house the bears. They were there for some scientific experiments. I doubt they'll give us more than that, because the polar bear was mainly there a) as a quick one-off scare and b) to give the Oceanic people a clue that this was no ordinary tropical island.