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May 5, 2010

'The Beauty and Power of Marital Love'

Chris Seay weighs in on Tuesday's LOST episode, "The Candidate"


Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Lost, chimes in on the developments in Tuesday's episode of LOST, "The Candidate." (SPOILERS AHEAD) Seay opens the vlog by noting that he usually turns to Scripture or analyzing Egyptian hieroglyphics after an episode of LOST, but this time, he's pretty subdued and melancholy as he, with LOST fans all over the world, mourns the loss of two of our favorite characters, Sun and Jin Kwan. "If you're not a LOST fan," says Seay, "just turn this off because you're gonna think I'm silly and sappy. But if you're a fan, you've come to love these people." Seay notes how Sun and Jin's marriage has come full circle, going from selfish and "radically unfaithful" to falling in love again "in a way they never have before. . . . We see the beauty and power of marital love." Seay also notes that his favorite line from the episode was when Jack tells Claire, "We're not strangers. We're family." Live together, die alone . . .


I agree that the final scenes with Jin and Sun were a beautiful example of what love should be in marriage. I am convinced that the two time lines are going to merge before the end and hold out hope that Jin and Sun's story from the flash sideways will carry on (as well as Hugo and Libby.)

I would like to hear your thoughts on Sayid's act of redemption.

thank you Chris...I cried as tho I'd lost friends, and I guess I did.

my wife and i have lamaze class on tuesday nights but as i got to my office early to watch it online I sat there and cried in front of my computer.

I was never so sad to see cast members die like I was with the Kwons.

Their final scene with their hands letting go is the perfect image of "til death do us part." The Kwons were not just characters, but a bigger statement about the unity of marriage. Jacob treated them as one when he touched them, and there was only one Kwon assigned a number, which indicates to me that they were together considered one candidate. Also, their flashback episodes always focused on both of them, never as individuals. Nice to see this Biblically sound treatment of marriage on a TV show. Makes me wonder about the significance of them not being married in the flash sideways.