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June 29, 2010

'100 Cupboards' Coming to Big Screen

Beloved Pictures to produce N.D. Wilson's children's series

Just a week ago, Beloved Pictures announced that it was partnering with Mpower Pictures for a cinematic adaptation of C. S. Lewis's The Great Divorce. Now Beloved has announced that it will make films out of N. D. Wilson's popular 100 Cupboards, a fantasy trilogy for young adults.

The books, published by Random House, focus on a 12-year-old who discovers that the old farmhouse he calls home harbors mysterious cupboards leading to worlds and dangers beyond his imagination.

“This is truly one of the most outstanding works of fiction our company has ever had the pleasure to read.” said Beloved CEO Michael Ludlum. “Wilson is an incredible writer with an imagination that knows no bounds. We are thrilled to help shepherd this instant classic to the screen, and believe it will garner the same type of fan loyalty and passion as other successful book-to-film brands.”