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June 24, 2010

Chapman Family to Join Steven on Tour

'A Night with the Chapmans' will include Mary Beth talking about finding hope after tragedy


When we interviewed Steven Curtis Chapman last fall about how he and his family have dealt with the pain of losing a daughter, it was one of the most-read stories of the year on our website.

This fall, Chapman is hitting the road for "A Night with the Chapmans" tour with his entire family, including wife Mary Beth, who will share some of her own stories from the stage about finding hope in the wake of losing their daughter, Maria Sue, to a tragic accident at home two years ago. Mary Beth Chapman recently penned a book, Choosing to SEE (Revell), that chronicles their grief and still ongoing healing process. The book releases in September.

Mary Beth has never taken the stage before in her husband's almost three decades in music. “There are three things I told God I would never ever do: homeschool, adopt, and speak in public,” she says. “Well, we've already homeschooled, you know we've adopted, and now this fall I'll be on stage speaking at Steven's concerts." She adds, "Now I'm telling God I will not go to Hawaii for three months."

The tour, sponsored by Show Hope, the adoption agency/ministry founded by the Chapmans, will include warm-up act Caleb, featuring Steven and Mary Beth's sons Caleb and Will Franklin. Tour dates and ticket info can be found here.


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