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June 23, 2010

Glee-ful Over Christian Stereotype

New Christian character in 'Glee' cast could be a really good thing, even if a caricature


When our colleague Laura Leonard heard that Glee was adding a Christian character to its second season, "I worried that she might be just another outrageous caricature representing the worst people think of us," she writes on our sister blog, Her.meneutics. "But in the hands of a show like Glee, which combines choreographed musical numbers with high school drama and teenage self-discovery, this might just turn out to be a good thing."

Leonard continues, "I anxiously await Glee’s interpretation of the American Christian teenager, having been one myself and knowing many who currently choose to identify themselves with Christ in the halls, and play fields, and choir rooms, of their schools. If she can demonstrate Christ’s love in her relationships with others without giving up the values and beliefs that form her identity, it will be a great success indeed,"