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June 25, 2010

Pope Joan Film Sparks Catholic Outcry

The Roman Catholic Church debates the merits of whether she even existed


According to the UK's Telegraph, a new film based on the legend of Pope Joan – an Englishwoman who purportedly disguised herself as a man and rose to become the only female pontiff in history – has sparked debate in the Roman Catholic Church.

Peter Stanford, a former editor of the Catholic Herald and the author of The She-Pope: a quest for the truth behind the mystery of Pope Joan, said, "It's perfectly feasible that Joan existed. A monk's cowl is baggy and well suited to covering up a woman's body. We know that some women bound their breasts and cut their hair to pass themselves off as men."


Please balance your reporting. I would advise all readers of this post to visit the following link for more info on this myth (it's no legend, for sure):


"Perfectly feasible" yeah sure, but totally debunked by modern scholars. It's a legend, completely false, and this goes beyond the level of Da Vinci Code. The sad thing is that believe, without checking the facts, will actually believe that she existed when there is no proof. Zip. Zero. None.