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July 6, 2010

Gerard Butler to Play 'Machine Gun Preacher'

Biopic to portray Sam Childers, who rescues Sudanese kids while packing heat


Gerard Butler, last seen onscreen in The Bounty Hunter) will be hunting a bounty of another kind in an upcoming film that begins shooting this month: Machine Gun Preacher, the true story of Sam Childers. Childers, allegedly a Christian preacher, literally lives up to the film's title by carrying a machine gun into Sudan to rescue young children from that nation's war atrocities -- including rape, murder, and forcing them to become child soldiers.

Childers, author of Another Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in the Sudan, told The Christian Post last year, "I don’t condone violence at all . . . but at the same time I don’t believe that children should be raped, murdered, or cut up. I would have to ask the American people that you take a person that cuts up a child, or kill a child, or rape a child, if you catch a person doing that do you think that person would just stop if you just say stop? Or do you think you are going to have to fight that person? You would definitely need to fight that person or else they are going to kill you.

"I look at it as a self-defense and I look at it as I’m helping God’s children. I’m not a person out to murder. But at the same time these people need to be stopped.

"As far as a pastor with a gun, what would you call David? What would you call all the prophets in the Bible that were soldiers?"


I have read pastor Sam Childer's story and it is a
wonderful testimony to God's
grace & mercy in the lives of
these people of the Sudan. These babies have gone through such unspeakable
horrors but God has sent a saviour through which our
ultimate Saviour is showing
His love & compassion. I pray that this movie will
accurately depict the truth
of what is going on in Sudan.

When I first heard about this project it sounded great but then I spoke with a long term missionary who has worked in southern Sudan for nearly 10 years. He has stated that much of Sam's story is made up and that people who have been out there to help have ask the publisher of his book to withdraw it because most of it is simply not true.