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July 26, 2010

Why I Can't Boycott Mel Gibson

Our sister blog, Her.meneutics, explores how 'divine beauty' in art overcomes fallen celebs

Anna Broadway, a guest blogger at Her.meneutics, CT's women's blog, explains why she won't boycott Mel Gibson's movies despite the recent spate of scandals and less-than-flattering news about the actor/director -- the creator behind The Passion of The Christ.

"Gibson’s rant is not the main issue here," Broadway writes. "The issue is, what do our opinions of him and those like him — and our decisions of whether to support or shun them — say about our beliefs about humanity? If it were the case that The Passion were a praiseworthy film, and that Gibson were a racist, violent man, need acknowledging the one fact entail denial of the other? It shouldn’t."

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