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August 24, 2010

James Cameron Backs Out of Debate

'Avatar' director wanted a "shoot-out" with climate change dissenters . . . then didn't show


Ann McElhinney of NotEvilJustWrong.com reports this week that James Cameron, director of Avatar and Titanic, backed out of a planned debate with those who disagree with his views on climate change.

In March, Cameron had said of those who are skeptical about global warming, “I want to call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads.”

McElhinney responded immediately: "James Cameron I accept your offer, I’ll even drive myself to your gigantic gated Malibu double mansion to shoot it out."

Turns out she didn't have to drive to Malibu, but a debate was planned for the recent AREDay conference in Colorado. In the end, Cameron was a no-show, prompting McElhinney to write: "Does he genuinely believe in man made climate change? . . . Or is it just a pose? The man who called for an open and public debate at 'high noon' suddenly doesn't want his policies open to serious scrutiny.

"I was looking forward to debating with the film maker. . . . But that is not going to happen because somewhere along the way James Cameron, a great film maker, has moved from King of the World to being King of the Hypocrites."



He's a poseur. He's a Canadian, masquerading as an American. I would not be surprised if suddenly you hear him saying that he's not a climate alarmist anymore. Flip flopper.

It was funny because this was supposed to be a huge event that would broadcast live all over the internet and news. He then changed it to a round table discussion, then it was a discussion with no cameras, then he backed out entirely. You can kinda see his thinking here. At first he thought it was going to be a grand event where he was going to mop the floor with his opponents. Then after doing some homework, decided that defending man made global warming was going to be a lot tougher than he thought.

@ klem: just wondering what his being a Canadian has to do with, well, anything here....

Guess Cameron came up against some of those pesky little facts, such as the world has always experienced periods of rising and falling temps. Truth can be so inconvenient when it doesn't bend the way of politically-correct hyperbole.

Vicki, this is the warmest period in history. The warming has steadily increased.

The Bible says that we are to be stewards. I'm afraid we've acted like the wicked servant of Matthew 24:48-49.