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August 6, 2010

Katy Perry: 'I'm Still a Christian'

Revealing (ahem!) cover story in 'Rolling Stone' sheds more light on pop star's religious beliefs

Eight years ago, I interviewed Katy Hudson for a cover story for our sister publication Campus Life, our now defunct magazine for teenagers. The story, titled "The New Girls of Christian Music," also featured Stacie Orrico, Rachael Lampa, Paige Lewis, and Joy Williams, all of whom went on to enjoy more successful careers in Christian music than Hudson. But today, all four could well be featured in a story titled, "Where Are They Now?"

Not so for Katy Hudson, who has since gone on to change her name to Katy Perry, becoming one of the biggest female pop stars in the world. I could hardly imagine, talking to the then 17-year-old Hudson, that she'd someday be an international music idol, in a sense. But even back then, she seemed to be seeking craving attention in unique ways. After a concert at a local church, she met people at her merch table with the words "I'm Katy" written on her forehead with a black Sharpie. She had also put a black star around a big zit on her chin (today, ironically, she's a pitchwoman for Proactiv acne treatment), and she'd blackened out a tooth.

At the time (that's her one and only Christian CD cover, at left), I wrote, "Katy Hudson's motto might well be, 'What you see is what you get.' And with Katy, you never know what you'll see. Or get." I described her as "a regular teen, trying to figure out faith and life and everything in between." And she told me, "I just want to be real. I'll never wear a mask."

She's not wearing much of anything in the brand-new cover story of Rolling Stone, an article titled, "Sex, God & Katy Perry." (Caution: The cover photo and several inside photos are quite steamy.) And she's not holding much back as she tells her story of growing up in a Christian home, of her brief dalliance with Christian music, her longing to be a pop star, her relationship with fiance Russell Brand, and her present-day beliefs.

RS writes that "one would think her religious past is behind her, but [Perry] still considers herself a Christian." She tells the magazine, “God is very much still a part of my life. But the way the details are told in the Bible—that’s very fuzzy for me. And I want to throw up when I saw that. But that’s the truth. . . . I still believe that Jesus is the son of God. But I also believe in extraterrestrials, and that there are people sent from God to be messengers, and all sorts of crazy stuff.

"I look up into the sky and I’m just mindf---ed — all those stars and planets, the neverendingness of the universe. I just can’t believe that we’re the only polluting population. Every time I look up, I know that I’m nothing and there’s something way beyond me. I don’t think it’s as simple as heaven and hell.”

Fascinating but also confused observations from a young woman (she's now 25) who is still trying to figure things out, having come out of a childhood in a Christian home where both parents considered themselves pastors and where speaking in tongues was commonplace. "My mom and dad practice ‘tongues and interpretation’ together—my dad speaks in tongues, and my mom interprets it,” Perry told RS. “That’s their gift.” The three children, including Katy, spoke in tongues as well. “Speaking in tongues is as normal to me as ‘Pass the salt. A lot of religions use meditation or chanting as a subliminal prayer language, and speaking in tongues isn’t that different—it’s a secret, direct language to God. If I felt intuitively that I had to pray for some situation, but I didn’t rationally understand it, I just let my spirit pray for it.”

Perry said that after her Christian label shut down and that it was clear that "my gospel career was going nowhere," she started writing love songs and pursuing a pop career -- not rejecting her faith in the process, but not exactly fully letting it define her, either. "Letting go was a process,” she said. “Meeting gay people, or Jewish people, and realizing that they were fine was a big part of it. Once I stopped being chaperoned, and realized I had a choice in life, I was like, ‘Wow, there are a lot of choices.’ I began to become a sponge for all that I had missed—the music, the movies. I was as curious as the cat. But I’m not dead yet.”

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It sounds like Ms Perry is exploring through life. With our prayers and her open heart, she will see her life with the everlasting illumination of Christ.

No, Mr. Searle. She might be "exploring," but that doesn't mean she has an open heart. In fact, my take on it was that her heart is closed to all the might interfere with what she thinks she wants - stardom.
(...Apparently Psalty the Songbook and Charity Churchmouse weren't part of her audio/video library while growing up :)

There is plenty of Scripture urging young people to trust and obey - This is just two of many:

"Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse, who leave the straight paths to walk in dark ways, who delight in doing wrong, and rejoice in the perverseness of evil." Prov.2:12-14.

"then they will call to me but I will not answer; they will look for me but will not find me. Since they hated knowledge and would not fear the Lord." Prov.1:28-29

There is no way to the Father but through Jesus. Some churches and people try to bend that and pretend it isn't true. Well, God had laid it all on the carpet and made his will exceedingly clear. He has also given us the Freedom to make our own decisions - with the understanding that will have to accept complete responsibility for those decisions.

I've raised several children, some of whom went on to "explore." The devastation that came as a result of some of their choices, their turning their backs on the Holy Spirit, is undeniable.

Katy and her family claim to speak in tongues. While I do believe in tongues, I don't believe that most of what we see today is of the Holy Spirit. Tongues is said to be an indication that the person has received the Holy Spirit. We can't judge a person't heart, but we'd be foolish not to keep our eyes open, discerning fruit and watching for wolves. Scripture is very clear concerning sexual immorailty. Yet, Katy apparently feels no shame in posing for this magazine. If the Holy Spirit were active in her heart, she would be feeling terrible about it.

My guess - and it's true that I do not know a person's heart - but my guess based on what I see, hear, know of God's Word and have experienced, - is that Katy, an obviously perky actress, (much like one of my daughters)knew how to "act as if." She did what she was expected of her while growing upre: speaking in tongues.

I have had kids (a couple of the oldest ones) who knew just how to act in church and around me. But their hearts were far from both me and God. It wasn't until too late that I discovered they were leading two lives. I suspect many Christian parents have experienced the same thing. The temptations our children experience are overwhelming compared to what children experienced 50 years ago.

I've also seen a million times where adults push children to speak in tonges - telling themselves and the kids that the Holy Spirit will come if you just "open your mouth" and "do the work." The belief is that by opening your mouth and making sounds, you are "showing your faith" and opening your heart to God and tongues.

Well, I do believe in tongues and I have prayed for them. But after seeing this method used again and again - and noticing the FRUIT of many of those that claim to speak in tongues - in partcular the teens and the youth groups, etc, I determined that when God deems it time for me, it will be the Holy Spirit that does the work. Not me or man.

In all honesty - the promescuity etc that I have seen in various "tongue speaking" teens has seriously made me doubt the precense of the Holy Spirit, as well as the wisdom of the adults pushing these methods.

Having learned the hard way, our family has made changes with the younger children. We don't jump head first into every Christian youth event that comes along. Not all are healthy, and not all the adults acting as mentors should be mentors. I am more observant of my younger kids, talk to them more, and listen better.
No more pretend. My desire is that they truly, truly learn what it is to honor and serve the Lord, and to have the Holy Spirit in their hearts. From that understanding, they can make an informed decision as to whether they want to be Christians or not.

Call me what you will, but the knowledge that Katy's mother called herself a pastor, and all five of them spoke in tongues, but Katy's life does not appear to reflect the Holy Spirit or God's Word....well...'I'm just sayin.'

That evidence is enough for me to have serious doubts that this family ever really understood God. That's sad to say, because they might have had the best intentions and really believed they were doing the right things. But Scripture says that there will be many who in the end will say, "Lord, Lord..."

So Mr. Searle, I agree that we need to pray for Katy and her family. But I do not agree that Katy has an open heart, or that all will come out fine in the end.

The story sounds all too familiar: girl with Christian parents cuts a Christian album, the record label folds, the girl turns to pop music and becomes a superstar sex-symbol. Didn't the same thing happen to Jessica Simpson?

In both cases, it appears that these young ladies were encouraged to make Christian music, yet weren't spiritually mature enough to lend credibility to their songs. In Christian music -- and in Christianity in general -- credibility is HUGE. You can't just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

I pray that, in the future, parents of young aspiring Christian artists would make sure their children are pursuing these careers for the right reason -- a genuine love for Christ.

A few months ago, Her.meneutics (CT Blog for women) posted about "Becky," the prototype for the typical KLOVE radio station listener. And the thing I couldn't get out of my head is that "Becky" doesn't like to listen to women singing; she prefers men. So guess what KLOVE plays the most of? And we wonder why these young women's careers falter in the Christian market? And then we say, "isn't that what happened to Jessica Simpson..."

Any one of us could be a 'Katy Perry'. To say "No that would never happen to me!" would make one as guilty as Peter who swore he would never deny Christ.

No doubt I have read up a little bit on this up and coming pop star and I could say that she was quite rebellious like a good number of PK kids I have known in my life. Her disillusionment with the CCM industry no doubt played a role in her so called departure from more conservative Evangelicalism. Trixie's comments are well spoken regarding this issue.

Does she have an open heart? Yes, but the more specific question is how open is it and open to what? She no doubt has surrendered herself to the largely permissive culture that listens to her music and have brought her to stardom. Her 'Christianity' is the type that pursues cultural acceptability and is swayed by public opinion rather than a synthesis of the message of scripture.

No doubt she has talent. (Even though I personally do not like pop music including CCM) Sorry to say it but Katy's story will be told time and time again in the future by other women who got their start 'singin for God'.

Ben: I agree that we can only raise up our children in the way that they should go. I sometimes ponder the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on Christian education - whether it was wasted or no. Psalty and Charity were around my house when my kids were young and I still have a "tatted up" daughter that bartends. I suppose I'm going to patiently wait to see what happens at the end of life. The bottom line really is that God has no grandchildren. I pray for Katy, maybe she'll realize there is nothing new under the sun - in time, maybe Russell will too.

May she one day come back to the Lord.

Why are people blaming others for Katy Perry's choice of lifestyle (not Christian!)?? I see some blaming CCM and radio stations like KLOVE. The reality is that Katy Perry has free will and she has chosen not to follow the Lord. She can say all she wants about being a Christian, but at the end her fruit is far from a good testimony. We all have been given the free will to follow Christ or not to, and He gives us many opportunities. So at the end, only she can be responsible for her choice.

Right now, I like her better than some of the commenters here. She believes in Jesus and she knows enough to be awestruck by creation. She knows she is not perfect and needs a savior. Lots of Christians, though not me, believe in aliens from outer space who are possibly closer to God than we are. So what?

So she posed for some provocative pictures and uses the dreaded f-word. What else have you got on her? Haven't you reduced the faith to a tedious litany of fifties-era morality?

When the early apostles admonished new gentile believers that they would "do well to avoid" sexual immorality, do you think it was their intention to elevate sexual purity to the touchstone status it has today?

You people are so comfortable criticizng someone who, warts and all, has publically embraced her faith in Christ. How many of you can say you have only slept with your spouse? Okay now, of the rest of you, how many have never thought of sleeping with someone else?

Like others said, Katy is a combination of possibly excessive conservative upbringing mixed with her strong desire for stardom. I wouldn't judge her parents though, especially if you're a parent yourself. Lord knows what your kids get up to when eyes are off them.

And Katy is not alone. Beyond Jessica Simpson, you have others especially in the rnb scene; Usher, Missy Elliot, Trey Songz, Bobby Valentino, e.t.c. There will be more.

I do have one thing to say to Lisa about people not having the gift of tongues and the Holy Spirit if they live very permiscious (sexually) lives. What about the Corinthian Church?

At least she had enough grounding that she still considers herself a Christian. However, her prospects of truly remaining a Christian are probably very slim. Professionally, she is a very beautiful and talented performer who craves and knows precisely how to use the lime light. Considering what else is out their, her sexuality is mostly playful and not overtly raunchy. I like her music and wish her continued success.

Still, she is in an industry where there are very few, if any, Christians. I'm speaking of the Pop/Rock/Hollywood/Celebrity world. Those few in those industries that retain their adherence to Christ do so by separating their work and their personal/spiritual life. That does not appear to be in Katy's DNA. She is a classic extravert who obtains self assurance through confirmation of others - she probably can't stand being alone. While that personality trait is independent of one's faith, it is critical for her since her community is hostile toward Christianity.

Perhaps when she is older and her Pop stardom is behind her, she will come back. That is assuming she doesn't go Madonna on us and be a Pop star into her fifties of course. My gut feeling is her heart will eventually lead her back to Christ, it will just be a bit of journey to get there. But then again, isn't that the way for most of us?

In the loosest sense of the word Katy has not officially denied Christ but I do believe that she has surrendered herself to a kind of ambiguous form of Christianity. A kind that could in no ways offend anyone. One with no strong convictions or clarity. Of course I would not expect her to have all of her theological T's crossed an I's dotted. However I have to wonder where she will head next? Perhaps back to where she started?

Perry says, "Letting go was a process,” she said. “Meeting gay people, or Jewish people, and realizing that they were fine was a big part of it." Of course, gay people and Jewish people are "fine"; it's their sins that are evil, and the same goes for the rest of us. If that crucial fact was omitted from Ms. Perry's curriculum, the teachers and mentors in her life have a lot to answer for. Likewise her crabbed and tiny concepts of Heaven and Hell. The only thing bigger is God.

Oh, and Bill, you ask, "When the early apostles admonished new gentile believers that they would "do well to avoid" sexual immorality, do you think it was their intention to elevate sexual purity to the touchstone status it has today?"

Um, yes, as this passage from Revelation 21:5-8 proves: "And he who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Also he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment. The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son. But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

Bill, you also ask, "How many of you can say you have only slept with your spouse? Okay now, of the rest of you, how many have never thought of sleeping with someone else?"

Every one of us is a sinner. When we speak out against sin, it's not because we haven't sinned, but because we have, and we know what kind of damage it can do.

Why do we judge Katy Perry? Because of the apostle Paul's instructions in I Corinthians 5:9-12, "I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people—not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one. For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. 'Purge the evil person from among you.'"

As long as Ms. Perry still identifies as a Christian, there will still be Christians reaching out to her in love, to get her to fix her eyes and her faith completely on Jesus.


Your cherry-picked passages are a facile, vacuous way of addressing my point. I have not suggested that you "associate" with Katy Perry. What I have done is point out that, other than a few low-cut dresses and some salty language, we do not have any reason to question her sexual morality.

You also need to put Paul's letter into some historical context. The Christians in Corinth were causing harm to the cause of Christ by leading immoral lifestyles that went beyond Ms Perry's cleavage. We are talking about utilizing the service of pagan temple prostitutes, common buggery, and idols' feasts.

This mode of discourse-coming out with Bibles blazing-gets us nowhere. I can quote you chapters and verses where we are told to correct and restore believers gently. But you know them. You seem to be more interested in publically criticising people you do not even know than you are in praying for their well-being.

Congratulations on your command of the scriptures. I am sure God is impressed.

Her steamy photoshoot and ambiguous theology suggest that she's straying from the fold a bit, in which case we hope and pray that she returns fully. However, I don't think anyone has basis for saying she's not a "real Christian." Of all us "real Christians" there is not one who doesn't have issues.

I take issue with those who would claim to know her heart and judge her for it. Like many people in her generation, she may still be trying to find her way. She might be a little lost, but we should not disown her. Hopefully, with relief and humility she will realize that the way is Christ.

Well, To the second comment...... we shouldn't be so quick to point the finger...... For one we know that journalists makes story very juicy whether its the truth or not....... We don't actually know her parents could have actually been pastors..... However..... WE ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD!!!!! So we should not judge whether someone has the holy spirit by their daily actions..... WE SIN DAILY!!!!! but as time moves on we pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal himself to them .... Some times it takes situations to help others to really know God in a certain way. For example: How would you know that GOD is a provider if you were never in need?????? This is the type of love that JESUS displayed!!!!! Im not saying be naive to things but as YOU ask God for a discerning spirit he will show you what to do, where to go, and what to be exposed to. This just might be GOD'S plan to show himself in another way to her! We don't know but as Christian we ought to pray that God will be reveal to the person who is struggling!!!!!



seems like a fairly mature christian perspective on her

let's all try not to be retarded, i know it's fun to damn people outside your sphere of moral existence and all, but i challenge any judgmental individual to sit down with her album (or any questionable secular material for that matter), legitimately pray for an open spirit, and listen to it making an effort to enjoy and gain what value from the music and lyrics


I think what some people are trying to say is Katy Perry is under intense lime light, and while we can't possibly know her true heart or relationship with God from the inside, we (as well as the rest of the world) can only gauge it by how she acts outwardly-which is in complete secularity.

Simply being a christian who is popular to secular audiences is one thing. For example, (like them or not ;) the Jonas Brothers are actually an ok example of this. They're upfront about their beliefs, and despite having many non christian fans, their lifestyle appears to follow christian standards.

Katy Perry on the other hand is consistently VERY suggestive (you write as if she's only ever posed for one provocative photo shoot), writes lyrics that are intentionally erotic (like kissing girls and melting pop-sicles...), and is married to Russell Brand- a very controversial comedian who basis his material on his sexoholic nature. Her whole image is branded as being about as worldly as one can be.

Ultimately though, I'm not concerned about trying to judge Katy Perry. I'm concerned about the image she displays to her audience, and their perception of her as an alleged "christian." People see her act the way she does, and then hear her say she's a christian. What does that make people think of me as a christian?

Kanye West offers the same offense in my opinion. These pop stars are wrongly defining what "christian" means to secular audiences, instead of people who are actually trying to honestly follow christ.

If they really are Christians, they should know that since they are in the public's eye, they have more responsibility to show people what being a christian is like.

Katy claims to be a Christian based on the fact that she still believes Jesus is the Son of God. But James 2 says that belief is not enough if our actions don't back it up. Even the demons belief that Jesus is the Son of God! They spoke their belief directly to Jesus when He commanded them to come out of people. There are many people of various religious and spiritual beliefs who will acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God. But unless we _personally_ accept His death and resurrection as the payment for our sins, acknowledging that we are sinners and need Jesus as our Saviour, we are NOT a Christian. The Gospels are clear that we will know _real_ Christians by their fruit. Where is the fruit of the Spirit in Katy's life? Just like Jessica and Britney, I pray that Katy will return (or perhaps come for the first time) to trust Jesus Christ for the salvation of her sins, and that her life will begin to show the fruit of that decision.

I wasn't raised in the church, so when I got saved at 18, I was somewhat surprised how common the rebellion was among, "Church kids".

What I saw in some of their lives was "too much church and not enough Jesus."

Everybody just wants to be genuinely loved and accepted. No matter what. No conditions. That's Jesus.

I'm not really interested in jumping into the fray here about Katy Perry's "Christian-ness," but I did want to offer a suggestion...why not do a real "where are they now" and find out where some of those girls went? Joy Williams is someone whose music I was re-introduced to in the last year or so, and I wouldn't say a mention in The New York Times (about a jingle she wrote for Oscar Mayer) or the plentiful songs she's supplied to hit TV soundtracks is exactly disappearing from the music industry. The Christian music industry, maybe...but what is everyone else up to?

Dear Mr.Moring and everyone who commented,

Katy's Dad and Mom here. We deeply appreciate your prayers for Katy. So many of your comments are insightful, there is so much to say, but the issue is salvation, not speaking in tongues. The bottom line is the return of the Prodigal, and God's hearts for souls. We are not pastors but travelling ministers and missionaries; our hearts yearn for the restoration of people like Katy. We witness to Katy as much as we can, however when people are in darkness, the light hurts their eyes. So we only give her as much as she will receive. And we pray that "effective Christian Laborers" will cross her path, as well as the blood of Jesus to surround her. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Although her recently released album has songs no Christian would want to listen to, hidden in the middle of this album is one song called, "Who Am I living for?" It talks about being called and chosen and like Queen Esther, but there is a battle going on. She knows where she is supposed to be and she will return. There IS a battle going on for her soul, as there are for millions of other young people not being able to figure out homosexuality, fornication and other religions. That's mainly because they put down their bible and stopped attending church. However God will arise in this last hour and His enemies will be scattered. I believe God will arise on people like Katy who will stand up and be a light in a dark place. It is obvious she is confused now but once she decides to pick up her Bible again, the Lord will clear it up. In fact the other day we saw her Bible on her coffee table in her dressing room, so agree with us she picks it up and God speaks to her. That was the first time we have seen it near her in 5/6 years. Mk 11.23, Jesus encourages us to "Have faith in God....truly I say unto you that whoever says to this mountain, Be taken up and cast into the sea, and does not doubt in his heart but believes whatever he says is going to happen, it shall be granted unto him.' Listen if God can pull Gideon out of the winepress, David out of the shepherd's field, and Rahab the harlot out of a city on the eve of destruction, He can pull Katy out of the downward spiral she is in. I chose to believe Him for her and the millions like her. And our heartfelt thanks goes out to you for agreeing with us. Keith and Mary Hudson

PS The love of God saved all of us with a hand of mercy, not a finger of judgment.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, Thanks so much for your post. I have often wondered what was going through your minds as hearts as your daughter's fame has gone through the roof over the past few years. Reading your comments told me that you are in the same place as any of the rest of us with prodigals. I have two myself who are far from God at this moment in spite of what they have been taught all of their lives. I am sure it is even more difficult for you due to the amount of attention that fame creates in our culture. Just want you to know that I added Katy to my prayers this morning right along with my own kids - that she would not only come to walk in the light of the Lord again but that she would use the opportunity she has to speak that light into the lives of many others. Hang in there and remember that God wastes nothing!

Good job my friend, it is about time people hear your hearts, and your unconditional love for your beautiful chld. You two are wonderful, real, and very spiritual people and the world should know.

I wonder how much has to do with her record label a) taking her on board at such a young age and b) then shutting her down after one album. That's gotta sting anyone, let alone a young artist. An experience like that is going to provoke all kinds of negative reaction, and I do not blame the creative young person at all.

I am certain that the music industry, and the Christian music industry in particular, is littered with damage from this kind of rejection.

Wow! Reading these comments stuns me. You guys can't wait to establish a christian theocracy and have us all living to your standards.

Katy Perry should back to name Katy Hudson and Become re-bora-again Christain, by the name of lord.

For her to say she is a christian is draging the gospel through the mud...she is no light in this world of darkness, she is part of the darkness! WE should pray that she sees the light and comes back to it.

Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, it's so good to hear your point of view, and I agree totally. Knowing Katy has parents that are praying for her inspires me to pray for her more, which I will do! God can do anything!

my prayers are with Mr and Mrs Hudson. I believe Kate will be back and will sing for the Lord.

To profess that Jesus is the son of God is far from being a Christian. Even Satan can do that.

Well i have been a follower of The Lord for ten years after leaving a life of catholicism, and some times very liberal "religious" life. And i have seen both sides of coin. I tell u that...Katy is not any worse than any of us, because by disobaing the slmallest of Gods comandments, we have disobayed them all. however i see Katy from the same perspective one would see the people of God (the Jews) in the old testament. Many times they have become idolaters, sexualy immoral, revilers, lovers of money and all. And still they called themselves children of God. But the hard truth is... the Lord was NOT with them in their "exploration" journey. In fact He left them to the hands of the wicked. and so by seeing the wages of their sin, they came back to following the father they way they were tought. with extreme zeal and wisdom. I think Katys is out there doing her own thing and having a blast out there all on her own, without Gods covering. But i tell u what: she's in for a very dangerous adventure, and i asure u, things WILL get really hard for her. it is then, that she will really make up her mind, rather she is a daughter of God or not. There will be one of two choices...come back crying to the Father, or just completely deny Him. I pray she will be wise like the prodigal son.

My heart is so broken for Katy. I just loved her songs Trust In Me and Search Me unfortunately though I wasn't ever able to find her Christian cd anywhere and still can't now probably bc her label shut down is why I can't find it now. But I've heard a lot about the songs she's singing now and also was in the store and seen her new album cover and I just pray like crazy that will return to the Lord soon.

My heart is just broken for her as it is for Miley Cyrus and Nate Cole of Plus One after seeing his myspace profile. We need to as Christians to keep praying for these artists even the ones who have stayed close to God. There is a war going on a spiritual warfare and Satan is out to take all of us out Christians and non Christians a like. We need to cling to Jesus like never before.

I really love to read Katy's parent's hearts and see that they understand that she is in darkness right now. How many parents would just make excuses. It is good to see that they realize her danger and are praying. I don't understand the participation in Katy's wedding though because wasn't it noted to be hindu (that could be media hype, etc. and maybe not true) and I wonder if they understand the magnitude of what she just did by cleaving to the likes of Russell Brand! Gasp! I've heard some shocking things from this guy. What I'm getting at is that sometimes while we are praying for our lost family members, we have to separate from them (don't participate in their lives, their sin, etc) I wasn't at the wedding so I really don't know what sprituality was celebrated, but I'm guessing it wasn't all good. I just think if my daughter were marrying a man like that and it was Hindu (all of those false gods celebrated!) , etc and so on, I would hope to honor the Lord more than honor my daughter and miss the ceremonies. Sorry Katy's parents, but that's just the way I see it. I do however respect your hunger for the Lord and your desire to see Katy come back. Atleast you're not on here taking up for her. I hope she sees how desperately empty stardom is and sings praises to Jesus again one day.

Praying for her to return to the Lord

Because they are human beings who are Christians and they visit blogs too, etc.(Christianity Today blogs=popularity among Christians) It's really not all that uncommon if you think about it. I am willing to bet that celebrities sing their own praises in the comments section all the time! They may see where many are bashing them and they want to turn the tide so they make up names and say positive things about how wonderful they are! It's not like celebs (or their parents) don't have a little too much time on their hands. I really do think it is her parents that wrote that. Just reread it. But don't think I didn't think the same thing and give it the once over.

I agreed with this comment made about her fruit to the world is not a good testimony. That is what we can see!!
Who are we to judge anybody's actions other then our own, though? God alone is to be the final judge as to the singers actions and motives (Joshua 22:5; 1 Samuel 16:7). We know only in part what we can see. The Lord alone looks upon the heart and can see the motives behind the music ... we only know in part and see in part but the Lord is searching the hearts of men to see who is in search for Him. (1 Chronicles 28:9; Psalm 7:9, Proverbs 11:27; Jeremiah 17:10; John 4:23; Romans 8:27; Romans 11:20). Prayer is the answer to this young ladie's life. We need to leave such convictions of others with the Lord.
He will make things right when given the opportunity. I am not at all familiar with this particular artist's music. God CAN and WILL use ALL types of worship to reach others. We have ultiately been given the opportunity to "Choose you this day whom you shall serve. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" - Joshua 24:15.

to al: Christianity isn't about rules, you can't just separate it from other parts of your life. if you are really a follower of God then you would have a relationship with him. When we follow God we must commit ourselves fully to God and not pick and choose what we let him into and what we make Him stay out of. We can't put the all powerful God inside a box, its not a matter of fitting him into our busy schedules, it's a matter of letting him control every aspect of our lives.
for me personally, God is my best friend, I try to let him into every aspect, but thats not always easy.
I don't judge Katy, she has made her life what she wants it to be. I do feel incredibly sorry for her. I have found the love of God, he will be with me through all i go through, i can always rely on Him. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Him.
I don't listen to her music because it presents a negative image to girls. With her attention seeking ways, she presents girls the idea that we need to be as sexually attractive as we can to guys, and our only purpose is to give them pleasure. She probably doesn't even realize that shes giving out that message.
Her whole business is very sad and she doesn't even know it.

As a teenage girl, I love Katy Perry. However, I have a very strong faith and I know why she's acting the way she is. Obviously she enjoys the fame... We all would. But if she truly is a Christian(which I believe she is), she would use her fame to bring glory to God, not herself. I will be praying for her to understand hér actions and turn from her ways.

Katie is messed up big time. She cannot marry a guy like Russell Brand and say he is a "strong and firm man of God" and consider herself a Christian. She is LOST. Lost, searching, lost... The only person to save her now is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Katy knows the truth. It's in the corner of her heart, in the back of her head somewhere. Maybe the truth haunts her sometimes! I don't know. The fame and the fortune is blinding her. It's making everything fuzzy to understand. She needs to get serious. She just needs to run into her Heavenly Father's open arms and accept what he has to give. He's holding out forgiveness, sanity, peace of mind, rest, eternal life. It's NEVER too late for Katy!!! She needs serious prayer. She needs someone to talk to her and tell her this.

We don't know if Katy is a Christian. We are not in position to judge but we we can make a judgement because the biggest concern is How Christ appears. I do agree with one comment that Katy, by calling herself a Christian, does bring God's name through the mud. I feel that Katy actually is mocking God and what the bible says, wether she intends to or not. I would like to see reputable pastors and maybe the Christian media (CBN) to address this issue of Katy Perry and the way she markets herself while doing it as a so called Christan. Not with the purpose of convicting the family but to make sure our God, who sent in his only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins, is not mis represented in an embarressing way. The main point is not to actually judge but to be sure that Christ is properly represented so others can have a reliable chance to hear the Godspell.

It is called Mercy.

Some of whom have responded need to practice it.

Ms. Perry is a child of God, who has wandered away. But because of the Word of God, the Hudsons need not worry; Proverbs 22:6. The Hudsons have done their job, now they trust God to keep his Word.

The bible speaks of God's supernatural character of mercy from the beginning. We have many stories of failure and redemption in the bible; starting with the fall of mankind. Again, MERCY was seated at throne,came at the noon of the day in Garden and promised the death of His Son, Mercy.

Mercy gave the keys to church to a man who would deny him
Mercy came from the line of man who commit murder to cover up his lustful sins
Mercy let a suicidal prophet rest
Mercy let a chosen judge who failed so miserably to become and powerless of his own strength. In order for that man to accomplish what he was called to do blind and chained by his enemies enabled by one thing the spirit of God.

Mercy loved a man who could not give up his riches.
And Mercy met a young man on the road with a new coat, ring and sandals covered him up, dirt and all.

Ms. Perry seems to be searching and the God who is bigger than all of us can handle what is going on with her. He is outside time and He already was prepared for this journey with Katy Perry. Jesus Christ took the piercings and thorns for this journey.

Mercy called the pharisees on what they were doing to His people.

We are not called to judge anyone. Unless you are plank free, keep quiet. Unless you know what, why and how of what the Lord is allowing, hush up. Unless your ways, your thoughts have some how become greater than God's....

All things work for of those who love God and our called for His purposes. Katy Perry from the articles loves God, loves Jesus Christ. It will work out cause God said so. Remember Romans 8:33, Saul was a dethroned, deranged king and David still bowed down to him in a disposition of humility because he was anointed of God.

Ms.Perry's persona to the world goes against what we believe as Christians but I don't know Katy who is not on my screen, I don't know her heart nor her prayers.

She is a young lady looking for truth like many from her generation. We need to listen and stop beating them with scripture and encamping them with love without compromising the word nor breaking their spirit or turning them bitter towards Christ.

We can't judge Katy but the Christian community may need to make a judgement. to make sure God is properly represented. We can't know the Katy on the screen but we can make a judgement on what it reflects. The image of her runs the risk of demonstrating to some that you can be a Christian without following biblical principles. Katy is presenting a beatiful life with what appears to be a wonderful marraige. Again, we don't know. She shows that you can be a good person, have Christian virtues, without needing to follow what the bible says. Is this true? Is what Katy perry doing misrepresenting God or is it OK in God's eyes? Does her life show how it is live as a Christian or could present a decieptive lie to others? Katy could be a Christian or seeking but still, you can be a Christian and find yourself in a position that unintentionally mocks God. This could be me or may have been me in a different situation where my behavior made living like a Christian appear unpleasent. How God is represented is the most important thing. I would love a repectable media pastor input so I can know God's name is not tainted during Katy's time of searching.

I'll be praying for her. Her song as Katy Hudson called "Trust In Me" has something to it, don't you think?

I am praying for her. I was raised up in the exact same manner. I went through a confused time myself while a had a good bit of success as a model. I always stood for the part of my beliefs (Jesus Christ, Saviour and experiencing the power of the Spirit myself) that I had been grounded in but was still on milk at the time of my departure. My mother gave me to God and stood on the Word... it is written.. raise up a child... when old .. he shall not depart. God didn't forget me and was faithful to His Word. I was blind but now I see. We can all say this. As we walk with Him, we see more and more daily. I stand with her parents with love for a wayword little sister and believe for her return to Jesus and His ways for His glory. He loves her so much and can reach her where ever she is. I am now happily married to a Christian musician who has had many top ten contemporary radio hits. LOL . God is GOOD.

IDk i think maybe she found christianity to religious when really its a relationship with God, it sounds like shes stuck or thinking that Christinaity is boring compared to a "worldly life". It sort of makes me sad that she says shes a christian and doesnt show a christian charcter "i kissed a girl" " sex on the beach" just some of her hit songs... like she has so many girls wanting to be like her if she changed her style of music and for example i know its drastic but made a hit christian song God can use her to save other people that need God.... ill be praying for her (: and i know some of you reading this will not like my opinion but thats the way i see it.

There were many responses on this, & being that it is late I only read a few, but I am compelled to speak on the little that I did see.

If I reiterate something already said I am truly sorry.

1st thing is the speaking of tongues. If people would get into their word they would know that speaking in tongues is no longer necessary nor is it something we should do. SEE: Acts 2 first bc when they talk of speaking in tongues it wasnt gibberish but was in native languages so that everyone could understand what was being said, second go to 1st Corinthians 12:14 the practice was to end at the completion of the new testament. Third the gift could only have been passed on by a prophet by way of laying hands- the times of the prophets are over bc everything has already been prophesized, and Philip says in Acts 18 that he did not receive the gift at the last laying of the hands. Those of you believing in this practice are going through motions that you don't need to.

Next thing I saw was that some of you are under the impression that you HAVE to live the life, walk the walk, talk the talk of a christian to be a christian. Folks- you can NOT lose your salvation. If you are saved- (the word says in John 5:13 that you shall know that you are saved) if any of you don't then the good news is that you can be. Simply Admit, Believe & Confess. Believe Jesus is the Messiah, son of God- that he is the father, son & holy ghost... the trinity, and that He died for our sins, and after 3 days He rose. Admit & confess your need for him and that you are a sinner. Once this happens, you are saved, but lest we forget that we all fall short of the glory of God. So can we backslide, absolutely. But it is important to know that if Katy was saved, then she still goes to Heaven. At the judgement seat however she will have to answer for the choices she made.

Another thing God's word tells us is to definitely raise your kids in church, b/c when they stray bc they will, they will not stray far- they will come back. I know myself I did. I was a lesbian, alcoholic, got piercings & tattoos, did all kinds of crazy things, and after 15 yrs of rebellion as of 5 yrs ago, I am now very much back in church actively & I am no longer living the lifestyles that I was but yet living for God.

The last thing I saw that I need to comment on is someone said it was ok that she live the life she does, I think about the 6th or 7th comment from the top. This bothered me in so many ways bc we need to show Christ in us as much as possible to win other souls for God. How can someone become saved if they dont hear the word, if all they know is sex drugs and rock & roll. The bible commands us to do what we can to lead others to Christ- yes we will sin, BUT we shouldnt do it on purpose. See Romans chapters 6 through 11. God forbid we live lifestyles to suit our desires just bc we know God will forgive us, GOD FORBID!!!

I hope some of you will go to your bibles. Please back up scripture with scripture. Dont go on opinions, go on what God tells us. And please dont go on what I say- just read the verses & see for yourselves.

To the people saying Katy hasn't done anything wrong:

You clearly haven't heard all of her songs. She constantly encourages teens to commit fornication.

"we freak in my jeep!"

"sex on the beach!"

"let's go ALL the way tonight, no regrets, just love"

She will burn in Hell if she refuses to repent. As Jesus said, for those who cause young ones to sin, it would be better if they had never been born.

Mr.& Mrs. Hudson

I just read your post about your precious daughter Katy Perry and I am a born again spirit filled christian and I want you both to know that I am in agreement with you concerning your daughter according to the word of God. I know without a shadow of a doubt, according to God's word, it's a done deal! The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! God Bless you and your whole family. I look forward to hearing that good praise report about Katy! Im adding her to my prayer list tonight. Jesus is Lord!

Heres a question. There are 2 people. The first person claims to be a Christian, and speaks strongly for God. Practices biblical principles,avoids sinfull behavior by being sexual moral within their marraige, does not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate others using blasphemy language. This person finds themself standing up for causes that go against biblical principles. This person may even promote acts that are sinfull as a marketing tool then use that position promote God. The second person, never claims to be a Christian in public, commits act of sexual immmorality,has been caught stealing, gets in fights,interacts with gang members, efuses to stand up for causes and does not promote God saying "I don't want to be like a hypocate". One person is a Christian the other person is not. Which one is the Christian? I will post my answer in a couple of days.

I find discussions like this in the christian community very frustrating. I will say that it upsets me when people announce their faith and set bad examples for children with their actions, whether it's pop stars or church leaders that take a big fall. But that is why I wouldn't let my 12 year old daughter listen to Katy Perry. I don't think its an invitation to go on and on about how she is going to hell.

We are all supposed to work out our own salvation, and we cannot know the hearts of others. We are all sinners the grace of God is the only way we can be saved, not by living more perfectly than our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is one thing to be morally opposed to someone's behavior, and know what is unacceptable behavior according to the word of God. It is another thing entirely to act as though God feels the same strong emotions about his lost sheep as we do. The prodigal son was just as messed up as Katy Perry, and I think she has been back for more visits than he was :). People are messy, and God is bigger than our understanding. Neither they or He can be expected to fit in our boxes.

whoa leave her alone! just because she decides not to be homophobic and tolerate other religions she isn't a Christian, i think you all need to have a heart to heart with the Jesus who created each of us as we are, and loves us unconditionally.

Jesus did make some claims about marraige, sexual morality. He ceraintly said that he was the only way to the father. Jesus prayed in the the garden of Gesemunie to the father, if there is another way let this cup pass by me. But Jesus continued and gave his life so his blood could wash away our sins. So either we all need the blood of Jesus for forgiveness, or Jesus is mis guided, or he was a lier. Many still believe salvation comes through the blood of Christ. But some believe Christ is not the only way. But why did Christ sacrifice his life, if it was not needed or if there are other ways to be righteous without Christ? Katy Perry seems to be claiming to have faith in Christ while saying he was wrong in things he spoke about. She mocks principles Jesus taught about by posing provocitive while claiming her Christianty in the Rolling stone article. This offends me and probably offends others. I recently decided not to talk about my faith because I was not acting Christian like. I became humbled and felt too embarressed to try to present who God is because I did not want to mis represent who Jesus is

Lyrics of her song "Who am I Living For"

"It's never easy to be chosen, never easy to be called. Standing in the front line when the bombs start to fall. I can see the heavens but I still hear the flames, calling up my name"
"So I pray for a favour like Esther, I need your strength to handle the pressure. I know there will be sacrifice but that's the price".
I'm in the same page Katy is. I'm a gay 20 years old who's been raised in a very similar way to hers. And like her I HATE LIES, that's way I say I'm gay just like that.
You know I still can't figure if Calvinists or Arminians are right.Do you? Are any of you certain of anything?
I agree with her on the bible being fuzzy. I been hearing it my whole life and I still find it difficult to comprehend that the loving all mighty and all knowing creator would allow such a horrible world that he loves/hates so much. That he would allow sin to come in to the world knowing what would it cause. Was he not able to stop it? Why wouldn't he?
We didn't choose to be created, but we pay the price of a failed creation. Yet the circus keeps going on, people keep dying every day. I really don't understand how God allows this to happen, and don't tell me that some things we'll never know, cause then I rather not play this game.
I've kept myself as pure as I can, I choose celibacy for God and even though I think all of what's stated above, I haven't done any of the things I want.
I see so many people like myself, and find no answer for this things... Only lousy replies. I'm suffering a lot right now, because I love God and have rejected what I am for him, but I just don't see how this is fair. We are unable to be good as He wants us... What do we do then, become a pathetic excuse of forgiveness every day? Is pathetic.

In response to Ruben. I believe we all have something in our lives that make it impossible to be righteous before God. The bible judges our pleasures and thoughts. Things that we know we can't change and can't be defeated on our own. I feel like the rich person that Jesus addressed in the bible, in Luke 18. The one who had to walk away because Jesus asked him to give up the one thing he could not give up, eventhough he followed all the other commandments. Jesus went on to say "with man it is imossible" reminding me that it would be impossible for me to overcome my own desires to allow me to be righteous before God. But I can take comfort in that the bible says in Luke 18:27 - Jesus replied "with man it is impossible, but not with God, all things are possible with God" It would take a miracle for me to be saved and righteous before God, but my hope is based on a miracle of God sending his only begotten son to die on the cross for my sin. Christ did all the work. It's not based on what I can do (thank God). Once we accept God's free gift of salvation it's his work and power of the Holy Spirit that teaches, guides us,and helps us to overcome own obstacles, so we can be righteous before God. Once a person can accept that they can't be blameless before God, they can come to the cross and then put thier faith in the Grace God offers. I also believe bad things happen because God allowed free will for us to choose righteousness or evil. God allowed this because free is required to allow for the chosen to expirience his Love. I also believe that God allowed bad things to show that you can't put faith in the things of this world or in the gods of this world. It shows that we are in need of a savior from a God who is not of this world; a God with a purpose that is eternal. I'll pray for you and I hope this helps

Actions speak louder than words Bill. She can call herself a Christian, but if she is unrepentant of this sinful lifestyle, well...we know what will happen.

God doesn't want us to simply profess the divinity of Christ, he wants us to live it.

If you believe in the Bible, then you believe in demons. Why would it be so far fetched to believe demons could manifest in an alien form?

The things that stand out to me(a father of a 12 yr old girl)is that 1) she says things like "once I stopped being chaperoned and I realized I had a choice a whole world opened up, I was like,'Wow there are alot of choices" I became a sponge for all that I had missed,- the music the movies" And "letting go was a process".I hope my Daughter(s) and my son for that matter, never let go of the truth that they learn about the Gospel of Christ and turn on the teachings they learned as a youth.Being Rooted and Grounded in The truth of Gods Word is so important and so much more so if they want to be in the entertainment business!I now urge my daughter to pray for KP's return to a life pleasing to God!

The whole family needs prayer and salvation is for everyone. Katy and her family will become christians during the Rapture. Hopefully all will be saved. She is on my list with my christian family and that all will be safe.

I never really did paid attention to Katy Perry, and didn't know that she used to be a "christian artist" until I read a post from a friend at the FaceBook online community. Also found this article through that same friend who posted this on his profile lately, where I posted the following comments before I fully read the article. one thing that strikes me is that what's going on is pretty obvious, and the truth is easily reflected, as it is from some who'd posted. Here's my comment=

"Our job as Christians is not to Condemn.
We are forbidden to Judge FALSELY , but we Are Commanded to JUDGE Righteously
(see= Acts 17:31/ John 7:24/ 1Cor.6:2-3)

I’m sorry but I’d have to be honest, about the way Katy Perry is marketing herself- how can one say that you’re a Christian if you’re being the cause of someone else’s adulterous thoughts?
As it is written,
“It’s the will of God that you should be sanctified and avoid sexual immoralities, that each one should practice self-control in all holiness and self-respect, not in passionate lust like the unbelievers who have no reverence for God, and in this matter that no one should cause a wrong to a brother or take advantage of him. God’s punishment is at hand for those who are guilty of this, Who called us not to be impure but to be holy. Anyone who rejects this does not reject anyone else but God Himself.” ~1Thes.4:3-6


Jesus said,
“Things that would cause many to sin are surely bound to come, but cursed is that person from whom they would come from. It would be much better for that person to be thrown down into the depths of the sea with a millstone tied around its neck, than to cause these least ones of mine to sin.” ~Lk.17:1-2

The problem among us Christians is that many among us no longer read the scriptures and get the appropriate guidance for the faith that we profess. So unless some real repentance is made apparent, it is not human opinion to say so but out of the scripture to discern that those (kind of) people are indeed condemned, that is unless if they repent.

“Anybody who’d say I know Christ and yet does not live out of obedience to God’s word is a liar… whoever claims to be in Christ must take on the path in accordance to Him.”

~1Jn.2:3,6It is a constant reminder for every person who claims to be a Christian, incl. me."

It makes me sad that so many feel they need to determine the validity of Katy's faith. Why don't we all examine ourselves for a change?

My comments are that, exploring in sin doesn't save a person. Opening your heart up to Jesus Christ as the one who can save you is something will save you. Having the understanding that is world makes mistakes is common sense and lodgic, but if you open your heart up to sin than the devil will over take what you give him with lies. It seems that this woman is deceived by her flesh and what she see's instead of what's "beyond her" as she has stated. This is immature faith that isn't growing to please God, so she really shouldn't do what the world wants and than say she is believer? That's oxymoron.. especially to say that she has the gifts of the Holy Spirit when she bears no understanding or fruit from it...

It's right that we cannot judge somebody's heart. We don't know what is going on in somebody's heart. It does say that the ones who really love Jesus will beat much fruit. But I think at the same time, we should be speaking of Katy based on whether she's a christian or not. It's just like any other person. We cannot base our attitude on them off of what they've done. But our attitude should always be like Christ, always abounding in love and reaching out to the ones who need love. As much as we talk about her and what we think about this and that, nothing will change until we have a heart of prayer out of pure love for the Lord. I have a friend and she said, "It's easy for God to change someone else, but what about you?" I'm glad that many of you know scripture and what it says about sin and about true believers, but do not forget that we are all just as bad. People who might life a life that seems way worse, but it will never compare what we did to Christ the hung Him on the cross. I'm not saying we should just ignore what's going on, but we should take what's going on and bring it to God. It is only by His grace that convicts the hearts of people. I'm sure Katy would appreciate it more if we are examples for her as Jesus lovers who are prayer warriors and not pointing out every thing she is doing wrong. If she says she is who she is, that is between her and the Lord. Remember that God is not after what we do, but he's after our heart. One of my favorite verses from the Bible is Colossians 3:12-17 (12 Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13 Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. 16 Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit, singing to God with gratitude in your hearts. 17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.) This should be our attitude towards both God and the people around us. We need to learn to forgive Katy and anyone else who is doing the same as her. It just shows how much more people need prayer and love. But, we cannot give what we don't have. It comes from the Lord.

1. bear* fruit
2. shouldn't* base
3. live* life

Urm just to say... she may not sing christian songs or wahtever, but whos to say shes not doing what she feels god wants her to do right now?

so what if she acts proper christian or not? she could do out of the limelight or wahtever.

im a christain. im aslo a teenager and i also think people shud let go of what a 'proper' christian should act like etc. And as people have mentioned, listen to some of her lyrics on her music. it aint all rejecting christianty and that side of her life.

and finally... is it really our business? her life. let her live it.

Read James 1:23-27

Read John 14:15-21

You're right that it's not to say if she is or not. But you also need to ask yourself is she doing what she feels God wants her to do? Or is she doing what she feels she wants to do?

the 'proper' Christian should be loving Jesus. People always think that Christianity is all about the 'dos and don'ts'. But it's far beyond that but it's maintaining love between you and Christ. The gift of music is very special and very powerful. But God gave it to us to serve and glorify Him, not man.

I was once a Catholic. One of the things I appreciated in "Born Again" Christianity is it's emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's easier to memorize verses, i.e. lines from the Bible rather than exercise are ability to reason (which is a gift from God). We cannot just believe and say because "the Bible says so" or "God says so"... remember, the Bible was translated many times and for political reasons some parts of it must have been removed. Well taking away all the dogma, the verses, the rules, we know what is exactly important, that is our relationship with Christ and our love for our neighbor.

"Dont go on opinions, go on what God tells us. And please dont go on what I say- just read the verses & see for yourselves." The thing is, how sure are you that the ENTIRETY of God's message is in the Bible? God continues to reveal himself everyday, through people. And I believe Katy sees Him and that she maintains that personal relationship.

She does appear promiscuous, and in her music it seems that sex and booze is glorified... but if you listen to her interviews, she just being honest about her experiences in the past... and look at her relationships now and how she deals with people... It's harder to think of what is actually right and love others than to memorize verses blindly...

Katy Perry has more potential to give her life to Christ NOW than she ever had growing up in that, whatever you want to call it, environment of self-justification, moral-selfishness, guilt-based spiritualism, effect-before-cause mess-up.

If I'm lost in the parking lot looking for my car, I am actually closer to finding it than if I waste time in a car I think is mine with a key that just doesn't seem to fit the ignition!

Katy's story is not at all unique. It's happening everyday when well-meaning believers side-step Christ-crucified and create an environment, message, approach of some reformed morally-self-absorbed sense of spirituality.

Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you to will be judged". Why don't you all quit being so judgemental and let Katy worry about her own relationship with God.. then you'd have more time to focus on your's as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Hudson,

I will be praying for Katy...I was 25 years of age when I received the Lord...had a born again experience in my room that blew me away. I was also raised in a Christian home...but totally rebelled...and wanted to know what I had been missing. So I went searching in the world as well..I wasn't famous like Katy, but I headed that direction.

I got tired of the party, dating scene and started searching for something deeper...something spiritual...I didn't know that I was actually searching for God. Over a course of time and different events...I met some really godly people (born again believers) spirit filled who became like a second family to me. They loved me unconditionally, treated me like a daughter...and at the same time never compromised their faith. They lived holy, godly lives in front of me 24/7.

The Holy Spirit began to work on my heart...and eventually I sought God on my own. Not because anyone told me too...and I didn't search for him at a church either. I actually connected with God for the first time on a walk. The clouds moved so majestically that I knew He was real. 21 days later I knelt down beside my bed in my room...Bible opened and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

I actually felt the Holy Spirit enter me...the Bible lit up and the words of Christ were illuminated. I couldn't believe my eyes...and as I looked outside the grass was greener the sky was bluer and I knew I had been born again. My life has never been the same...and I pray with all of my heart that the same thing happens to your daughter Katy... I will be praying for her and for God to send the right people into her life to represent Him...and for the Holy Spirit to continue to draw her to Jesus! :) God bless you both!


the bible says that when Chrildren stray from the lord, they will come back to him. Im praying that she does. God have Katy her beautiful talent, she should use it to give back to him.

Lord, I pray you cover everyone that has commented with your blood, I am encouraged that so many people care for Katy. Father, you said to work out our own salvation with "fear and trembling". We will all stand before your throne of judgement; God.

No where in the Bible does God put us in charge of Judgement, that is his alone. Jesus said we fulfilled the whole law by 2 commandments Love Him and love our neighbor as ourselves.

He called us to recognize when other brothers or sisters were sinning to lovingly correct them, then get the church involved and finally shake the dust off, but he also called us to pray for our enemies. It isn't that we don't recognize the dangerous natural man and protect ourselves or our family, but be instant and continuous in prayer. God will be back, and soon and then we will see the conquering king, not the slain lamb.

to Ruben above:
forgiveness is not pathetic. Haven't you ever forgiven someone, or better yet haven't you ever been forgiven by someone you loved or respected, it feels great.

We have all fallen short, you are not alone. This is a marathon, a 70ish year marathon. I have thought a lot about sin. Even Lucifer had a choice. The angels had a choice at one point.

God is all of the attributes in the bible, he is those things that are said about him. So sin is a choice, it is a way to accept him as our savior or to reject him.

Saying it is not fair doesn't change his character anymore than wishing i was a bird and then changing into one, he is sovereign. He did provide you with a choice; imagine if he forced you against your will.

I choose to see hell as all of the attributes that are not him, it is a place where you will be, by choice, and you will not want to get out because you will have chosen to be there. The rich man did not ask to get out of Sheol, he just wanted Lazarus to go and warn his family.

Think about life with a math mind, or a logic mind, if God is perfect and he is, that precludes him from ever being wrong or mistaken or un-fair or mean. That is your flesh warring against your spirit.

I pray that Gods love would be over you as a strong tower and a light unto your path.

Shes as true as a real christian should be and no one hearing katy perry is a christian then believes all christians are like her or bad. Unless there mindless. People over care she obviously believes in her own heart so who should care.Remember the order people.

What on earth happened to "Judge not, lest ye be judged?"

Check out this Riverfront Times article on the recent trend of religion in music, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry. Here's the link below:


Christianity today has been dumbed down with a lot of New Age mysticism. It has crept into our churches and produces "believers" such as those who believe in Jesus but who also look outside of Him. Katy stating her belief in extraterrestrials and her new ET song speaks volumes in a more occult-type way. I doubt she realizes this and I think when ppl are raised in such a strict religious setting, it opens up possibilities for such deception to creep in. I don't really know what her parents were like, or her childhood. The publicists could be twisting the stories. But one thing is for sure and that is that Katy is not IN Christ at this time in her life because she bears no spiritual fruit. A person can say they believe, but a Christian(Christ follower or disciple) lives a life that points ppl to the cross. Scripture tells us not to be conformed to the pattern of this world. It also tells us that anyone who teaches others to sin is better off tying a millstone around their neck and drowning in the sea. We can't be the "light of the world" and promote sin at the same time. I believe Katy knows the truth deep down, but she is slowly becoming disillusioned by sin as the Bible describes is what happens when we turn aside from His ways.

"And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done. They were filled with all manner of unrighteousness, evil, covetousness, malice. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, maliciousness. They are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. THOUGH THEY KNOW GOD'S DECREE that those who practice such things deserve to die, they not only do them but they TEACH OTHERS to practice them." Romans 1:28-32

We are warned of doctrines of devils and seducing spirits that take the very ppl of God away from Him. We can see ppl just like that in the Bible. Solomon was warned not to marry a woman from the land he was in because those women "served other gods" and he would become deceived and start serving those gods too. LOOK WHAT KATY DOES BY MARRYING A HINDU! She said she isn't Hindu but that she does his meditations sometimes. Some may say there's nothing wrong with that but this is the mysticism I was talking about that has mingled with Christianity. It is demonic. The Bible tells us only to meditate upon scripture. Hollywood is a dangerous place to be because it is sold out to the occult, just like her ET song. In my book, extraterrestrials are demons. My prayer is that God's grace would pull Katy out of the deception and disillusionment she has fallen prey to. Check out her song "Who Am I Living For?" from her latest album. She is obviously crying out in that song because she knows she is battling between the Christian life and the demonic Hollywood lifestyle. U can tell by those lyrics she seriously contemplates going back to God and leaving this sinful life she's living now.

I'm assembling a prayer line for intercession for celebs. I am an upcoming artist, my album comes out this year. I am signed under a Christian independant label, but I also aspire to go mainstream. Not for the fame, but because the vision God has given me is to revolutionize the entertainment industry. I know I am not the only one who God has called into this. God has given us authority and talent and anointing and we need to use that to take back the things the devil has stolen from us. Music belongs to God! I have had a few opportunities in my past to work with major ppl in the industry but I turned it down because they wanted me to compromise my beliefs. I'm waiting for God to open the right door for me so I can enter in without having to compromise. For now, I will be working on music and praying.

I can't judge Katy Perry's heart. Her relationship with God is private and personal. Only God can judge the state of her soul. It is appalling that so many "Christians" feel that God has made them judge and jury of salvation! I refer to the not so veiled anti-Catholic remarks by some of those commenting. I am a devout Roman Catholic and Christian of 11 years. I have encountered my share of prejudice from those claiming a monopoly on God and truth! Katy Perry needs encouragement in her walk with Christ, not sanctimonious condemnation! Very few of these comments express love. Perhaps a lack of love and humility among those calling themselves "Christians" is what drove Katy away from her upbringing?!

Its so sad what happend to kp. I always pray u will change

For those who are on a "no judging" rant...

1 Cor. 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things...

1 Cor. 5:12 What business of mine is it to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. "Expel the wicked man from among you."

There are two types of judging: one that condemns, and one that brings discernment, correction & edification.

As believers must test all things. How do we test? By looking at the spiritual fruit a person is bearing. It is not enough that a person is good, because if that were the case, then scripture wouldn't point out that at the end many will say to God "Lord, Lord, have I not done these great works in Your name?" and He will cast them away as if He never knew them. We must look for fruits of repentance and HOLINESS.

I posted earlier about a prayer line that I'm opening up so that us believers can join together to pray for celebrities and the entertainment industry. I can be found in the link I've included. Feel free to contact me if interested. Blessings.

Some of these comments are ridiculous. At least Kathy acknowledges God, some people in Hollywod wont bear to speka His name unless its a cuss word.She's not perfect so who one this messege board is?? Raise your hand if you're sinless and you cant point fingers at Katy and tell her everything thats wrong with her?? Hmmmm didnt think so. Its heartbreaking to see Christians spend so much time cutting each other down instead of focusing on THEIR walks with Christ and making sure THEIR life is glorifying Him, instead we're obsessed with making sure that every person who in Hollywood says theyre Christian, we have to closly examine to make sure that thye're doing EVERYTHING right and any mistake or weirdness we jump on them and execute blame


Reading thru all this has made me realize how much more I need to be praying, listening and seeking to understand. I listen to Katy with my teenage daughter who likes her music but not everything Katy does or represents in the pop world. Our kids are going to see and hear things in this world that they live in and will need guidance and most importantly somebody to talk to of like faith about what they think, about what Jesus would think, of the situation. I'm not a theologian but I do know forgiveness, compassion and the power of love. I pray that Katy reflects Christ's love in her life and looks for his return with hope.

I didn't want to read all the comments here... I know some are going to be really harsh against Katy Perry. But I think she's awesome, and this article just clarifies all that. Very happy to be her fan :), and also very very happy that she still considers herself Christian.

Im 18 & im shocked at what someone of you christians write! The im praying for her to give up her ways & turn back to the lord. Katy Perry is a christian and believes in god, she may be unconventional but the people you should be praying for are those who worship the devil, murders, etc. not a women who has some unconventional ideas but believes. The problem with us christians is we judge, we forget to see things in the "wwjd". Why is that because someone choses to see things a little different suddenly needs praying & to bee healed as if they were dieased. I too believe in god but i also dont believe that if someone is gay for example is unholy. Yes the bible says its wrong but it also say shaving a beard is, so before anyone cast a stone...look at yourself! I think if you understand the REAL message of the lord (the love, helping of others, & knowing jesus) then you are truly a christian. i wish people would stop trying to "save" her, she isnt doing anything wrong to be saved, murders, etc those people...are the ones you should focus your prayers on! Leave her to have the relationship she does with god.

I was just 5 years old when I exepted God into my life and I have been reading my Bible ever since, but it was at the age of 9 that I started straying from God my mom and dad were furious with me because just like Katy I grew up in a Christian home. A couple nights ago it just occurred to me how great our God is . So Katy this is for you. God loves you so much He sent his only son to die for you so please love God because He is the best thing that will ever happen to you . My favorite verse in the Bible is Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans to prosper you and do you no harm plans to give you hope and a bright future. God's not finished with you Katy not even close. God loves you so much , and so do I your my sister in Christ , and I want to see you in Heaven with me. Love, jasmine mayo. Hope to see you there!

Sounds like Katy Perry is on shaky ground. Only God knows her heart, but we can Biblically discern by her actions. They don't line up as far as I can see.

Katy Perry is who she is. Her faith has been esteblished. She has made her choice. To discuss if she is a Christian or not or to write supportive comments won't lead her to Christ, especially if she thinks of herself as a Chrisian. You don't want to feel comfort in sin because why would you seek God if sin is working for you. She is a mega superstar and when she expresses about God to others, she misrepresents Christ, She makes Christ to appear to contradict himself. Would it be showing love to do nothing if your own mother was verbally attacked or lied about? NO!!! So showing the love of God is to defend the name of Christ when it appears he is being mis-represented. Not to support the person who is mis-representing Christ in the wrong way.

Katy Perry may or may not be a 'real Christian'. And it's not for us to judge. If you think she's straying, pray for her! It WILL make a difference!

i'm a teen and a christian since i was a baby. i first heard about katy perry when i was in grade 2 or 3. at the school's talent show, two girls performed to the song, "hot and cold." written by katy perry. well, i soon learned about it in grade 5 when i was searching for the video on the internet (my friend told me to) and that's when i learned about katy perry. a popular american singer. but it wasn't until the end of grade 6 that i learned that katy perry was once a christian singer. that shocked me, because judging by her lyrics, katy perry didn't seem to be a christian. so i searched it up and was very surprised. it was also sad because katy perry has such a nice voice that she can use to praise and glorify God, yet she's taken on a bad path. i wish that she would turn back to God and produce songs and albums with less inappropriate material. she doesn't have to necessarily become a christian song singer, rather i would just love to see her leave all the swear words, sex, and other bad stuff behind and just sing out songs with lyrics that anyone would listen to because it's good.

This is off topic but I would like some of your opinions. I am a believer. I believe in God, I believe Jesus is the son of God and he died for us and I believe the Bible is the word of God. The only problem is, I don't get excited when I talk about God or when my mom does. Which is very often. She watches Joseph Prince and sometimes wants me to watch it with her, and when I do I just look at the clock for it to be over. I actually get bored :/ I hate to admit it but it is true. I see how excited my mom gets when she is talking about God and Jesus and I don't feel like that. She loves God. I do too but why do I not get excited? I know none of you know know me or how I feel but I would like to know what some of you think.

Sarah, don't get discouraged at this point. Stay open to God's work in your own life, and reaize that growth in anything takes time. If you don't already read the Bible, that would help. For a good start Bible, check out harvest.org and for a small donation of any size ($5 or $10), they will send you Start! The Bible for New Believers. There is a helpful introduction outlining the basics for Christian believers. It's inspiring for anyone, not just new believers. Also, I don't know how much you pray now, or how you pray. But I think that would be a great way for you to get closer to God, and as you grow, you will notice His influence in your life, and THAT is something that will begin to get you excited! I'm telling you this based on my own experience. It was when I really began praying and talking to God with an open heart, that I noticed how He really does answer sincere prayer. Pray often, but also try setting some dedicated quiet time alone with Him. Pray with gratitude for all that you already have in life. Pray with a contrite heart, letting God know how you may have failed in certain areas, asking His forgiveness. Pray for help in the various roles you have - daughter, sister, friend, etc., and for God's help in situations that you may be struggling with (including helping you to grow in His word and get you excited !) He is the one who can help you, as He has plans for you. God is waiting for you to come to Him, and as you open your heart more and more, and as you pray more, and listen for His responses, you WILL get excited. Finally, when you pray for things in your life, it is important to realize that God has the ultimate plan for you and your life, according to His will. Try to understand that all your prayers may not be answered exactly as you think is best. But they will get answered. Pray for God's will to be done through you, and learn to trust as you grow in your faith. As you can see, I could go on and on, as I am excited to talk about my faith. of course, we live in this world, and so we will have ups and downs, and we do have to tend to the things of this world. We all get discouraged. But stay centered in God's word. If you don't belong to a good Christian church, you may find it helpful to search around, and try various ones. I will pray for you, and in the meantime, stay encouraged about where you are at this time. Don't put pressure on yourself, as everything is a process. God has you in His sights, and just the fact that you felt the need to ask for help on this site, is a good indicator that He is working in you as we speak.... and that, Sarah IS EXCITING! I hope you come back and read this, and it inspires you and relaxes you in the peace of God's word. Ive included my email address, if you choose to write. God Bless YOu!

WOW! I just love how people on her are bashing so heavily on this girl, when we're suppose to pray and uplift brothers and sister sin Christ you tear this woman down like you're better than her. This makes me so sad! Yeah she may be a bit off in some ways but at least she has the guts to acknowledge God in interviews and acknowledge his exsistance. Notice how Hollywood is becoming more and more Athiest and yet she has the guts to say I blieve in God and people on her are wriitng some sick things about her claiming to come in Gods name.

I think people on here need to check themsleves FIRST before they even think about judging Katy

"Joy Williams, where are they now?" She's with the Civil Wars, writing incredibly beautiful and intricate lyrics, singing with incredible virtuosity. Not all singers want to be strutting their stuff on MTV, the music and the message are more important.

Music is that Hallelujah moment when the daughter of two pastors experiences divine inspiration. Music is her ears crunching down on a forbidden fruit of lyrics, sounds and sensations. Music is her mind opening up as her world goes the colour of cupcakes and this cotton candy angel takes us all to heaven.

I am Katy Cat and I understand her. Don't worry about her she is fine. She has saved my life and many others so what is wrong with that?

She has a strong relationship with Jesus and she talks about it often. She has now realized that the smaller things in life like finding a husband and having children is also very important to her(and of course living her 'Teenage Dream' and doing a huge world tour). She is a very strong character and without her, I don't know where Russell would be, he was a mess, to put it bluntly.

I see it like this. We are not here to judge her lifestyle and whether or not she lives a Christian life. We are not here to judge her parents that raised her a certain way. The bible specifically states not to judge and especially on issue like this. So when looking to what this person is doing and making statements that criticize how she is living is not our jobs as Christians to judge.

Instead, we can work with our children to listen to music the promotes the love of the lord and that is our job. All we can do for Katy Perry is pray that she finds the answers she is looking for and we hope that the answers will lead her back to the biblical scriptures.

God gave man free will and even I have drifted away only to come back knowing that I made a mistake. All people do at some point in their lives. We all want to be a better person and believe that there more to this world than just our human nature.

Keep God close to your daily life and the pleasures of life that are seen as sin in Gods eyes fade. Distance yourself from God and that is when we stray.

Keep Katy in your mind and pray for all those who wander. God loves us all and knows we will make mistakes but we eventually come back to God who is waiting with open arms. What a wonderful thing to have faith and to believe in such an Awesome God. God be with you all and may joy be in your soul.

Jason H
Eugene Or.

There are over 100 posted comments on this page about a pop singer who admits that the world is bigger than she is. I don't know this person. I read about this person on this page, actually. The rest of you seem to be certain about who she really is or isn't.

Those of you that think they know what's good or what's bad for her should be more concerned about their own faith in God rather than acting like Pharisees.

I pray for you all: God have mercy on them.

Everyone, why don't we stop judging her? Let's let God be the judge. Yes keep praying for her but I think he can handle it.

Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom. Pretty straight up stuff from the one who separates the sheep from the goats.

Katy, it's not only your lipservice that defines you though your words are important. You are also defined by the way you live.

Same with Justin Bieber. Justin, if you're a Christian you'll want to live in accountability to a Christian community, and you'll probably keep your hand off of Ms Gomez's bikini-clad buttocks.

The Christian life is defined by our internal and external conformity to the pattern of living we see in Jesus, not by what we declare ourselves to be while pursuing other ends.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hudson,

I commit to pray for your daughter and others like her. No one is righteous, no, not even one. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5: 8

My friends and I pray that she and the rest of us will really fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. Fame and beauty are fleeting. May she finds contentment in her relationship with God alone and she would use what she has now as a platform to tell others about Christ and give God all the glory.

A sister in Christ

Four years ago, i got misdirected through the influence of my friends and those times were really dark for me. Thank God, he brought me back to where i should be. That's how much he loves us, no matter how bad we are he will always make a way to save us. I know what she's going through right now, she is misdirected but i know through our prayers and the love of God she will come back and become dead to sin and alive to Christ.

I feel for her parents that's why i will include her in my prayers starting today.

God bless.