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August 13, 2010

Religion! Politics! Sex! Murder! Mayhem!

New review site -- books, movies, music, more -- brings lively discussions to the dinner table

Christianity Today Editor-in-Chief David Neff is a movie buff; he watches several films per week just while working out on his elliptical each morning, and often drops by my office to suggest a gem I either haven't seen or haven't even heard of. He also reads a LOT.

David's wife, LaVonne, is a book editor and, like David, a voracious reader who also likes to talk about what she's been reading (or watching or listening to). Put them both together and, well, you've got a lot of opinions about all sorts of things . . . which sounds like it'd make for a pretty good blog.

And it does. David and LaVonne have recently launched The Neff Review, which has one of the funnest subtitles in the blogosphere: "of books and films on religion, politics, murder, and other congenial topics for polite dinner-table conversation." If you enjoy that description, then head on over to their site and enjoy the conversation, and jump into the discussions as well. May the mayhem ensue.