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September 20, 2010

Asking the Beautiful Questions

'Reparando' shows Guatemalans 'embracing the pain of their past to help the next generation'

Joel Van Dyke, a missionary in Guatemala's slums and prisons, wrote a throughtful essay for CT and The Global Conversation earlier this year entitled, "Asking the Beautiful Question," exhorting believers to consider new ways to bring the gospel to people in other cultures and lands.

It's a question he often asks himself as a missionary in Guatemala, where his work with gang members has resulted in a new documentary, Reparando, now showing in limited release and available on DVD. The film's tagline almost says it all: "Embracing the pain of their past to help the next generation," The film focuses on two people, Shorty and Tita, who grew up as victims of their nation's 36 years of civil war. Shorty, a former gang member who is now a pastor, and Tita, a woman who started a school in Guatemala’s most notorious slum, have joined forces to repair their community.

The film also explores the practical applications of the "theology of the cross," while also daring to ask those new, beautiful questions that make ministry more effective.

Here's the trailer:

Reparando - Trailer - 01 from Athentikos on Vimeo.