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September 23, 2010

Katy Perry Too Racy for Elmo?

After complaints from parents, 'Sesame Street' pulls Katy Perry video from show

9/24 UPDATE: Elmo responds, "We'll definitely have another play date!"

It's not unusual for big-name celebrities to appear on Sesame Street, so when the popular show started previewing its upcoming season online this week, we saw the likes of Jude Law, Will.i.am, Colin Farrell, and others -- including pop star Katy Perry singing a kid-friendly version of her song "Hot N Cold" with Elmo.

Turns out that Perry's clothes showed a bit too much cleavage for some parents, who posted such comments as: "Couldn't she wear something that was more . . . APPROPRIATE," and "I DO NOT want my five year old lookin at [that]!" Sesame Workshop, the folks behind the show, Sesame Street, responded by deciding not to run the clip on the show after all. Actually, Perry's outfit wasn't as revealing as at first glance: she wore a flesh-colored mesh top that went all the way up to her neck.

While Gawker.TV complained that "Katy Perry's Boobs Guest Star on Sesame Street," but it's hardly the first time breasts have made an appearance on the show. In a tender -- and decided non-titillating -- scene from the 1977 show, singer/songwriter Buffy Sainte Marie actually breastfed her son, Dakota Starblanket Wolfchild, on the show while Big Bird looked over her shoulder. It was a sweet and sensitive way of explaining breastfeeding to a child.

Here's the clip:


I am at least as concerned about the caliber of persons Sesame Street is hosting on the show as by how they dress, and SS has shown poor judgment on both accounts (the mesh top is not "flesh-colored" but transparent!).

Oh, and "titillating"... what clever word choice! ;-)

sesame street could have saved itself the trouble by informing the stars, BEFORE they come on the show, of the appropriate dress code and have some clothes on hand that are appropriate just in case. the breastfeeding moment was more inappropriate than ms. perry's outfit simply because it is NOT the show's responsibiity to teach children about life--that is up to the parents. sesame street needs to be removed from the air.

I found nothing objectionable about her attire. Then again I was not looking to be offended. Merely a cute young lady singing a cute kid's song.
It might have been better I suppose if her attire had been considered before hand, as has been suggested.
I suspect the kids would not have even noticed her neck line.

I don't find it "offensive," but it is poor taste, in my opinion. Why is it necessary? What is the reasoning behind it?

I didn't see any breast showing at all in the breastfeeding video. That one is educational anyway - not the same as running aruond to a pop song in a low cut top with your breasts about to fall out.

Really tired of the anti-nursing Nazis and their agenda to list breast feeding in the same class as eroticism. We should be encouraging nursing mothers not suggesting that they are harlots for using their breasts the way God intended.
I am offended when insecure women with their double D breast implants parade their cleavage in front of my husband, but when a loving mother discreetly nurses her child anywhere it is a wonderful thing and she should be praised.

What our kids see matters. It teaches them what to believe about women. I would NOT allow my children to watch this clip. Why would Katy Perry need to wear a provacative outfit and sing THAT song to ELMO? It's just weird. I find it offensive for the same reasons I find fashion magazines offensive. I do not want my daughter to aspire to trampiness, and I do not want my son to see women as tramps. This is why we do not have commercial television in our home and why we carefully monitor our children's media exposure. While they are small and I have total control of their viewing, I will protect them from harmful messages and teach them how to critique both print and screen media. When they are older, I will engage them in coversations that dissect the meanings behind what the view and listen to.

Breastfeeding a child is IN NO WAY comparable to the sexualization of Sesame Street or childhood in general.

hey y'all, this is no big deal. this is just a popular singer singing a song on sesame street, as always. this isn't really katy's fault. it's sesame street's, for not giving her the proper wardrobe beforehand, ya know? people just need to stop thinking wrong all the time. on shrek, we can see princess fiona's chest a little, too. and don't forget the little mermaid! wocca flakka flame. p-diddy
shortstop. obama.