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September 3, 2010

'This Jesus Thing Is a Bunch of Malarkey'

And God is like a really bad girlfriend, say the characters on FX comedy 'Louie'

Tuesday night's episode of the FX comedy Louie, featuring standup comic Louis C.K. in the title role, ventured into blasphemous territory. The episode, simpled titled "God," featured Louie saying that "if there really is a God, he's an ***hole," and that God is like a "sh*tty girlfriend." In a flashback to his boyhood days in Catholic school, Louie asks his mother about Jesus and his death on the cross. Louie's mom responds that Jesus was "a really, really nice guy who lived a long time ago and told everyone to love each other," but of his death and resurrection, she says, "The whole thing is a bunch of malarkey."

Catholic League president Bill Donohue didn't like it one bit: "It was painful. But was it anti-Catholic? Sure. That was the point of it. . . . If this show had any value whatsoever, it showed with stunning accuracy exactly how Hollywood sees Christianity."

See a brief clip of young Louie asking his mother about Jesus here:


Why is it that we get so mad at people that had bad experiences in the church instead of the people that gave them the bad experiences with the church.

It’s a real shame the respect many in Hollywood give God. Unfortunately the almighty dollar clouds their minds and judgment and allows them to assume because it’s easier then learning the truth.

Joe, when it comes to God and faith issues, I don't think it's the almighty dollar that clouds the minds of most in Hollywood. I think it's the almighty ego. "I shape my own destiny, my own reality, my own everything." And sadly, this isn't limited to Hollywood; they are, however, willing to take this to extremes like in the above example.

Paul, I agree. I think the two go hand and hand.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with
hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Louis C.K. is a vile pile of manure. What a poor excuse for a man.

Wow, talk about completely missing the point of the clip.

Nice going guys, way to be close-minded and prejudiced.

The funny thing is Christians go around talking about how bad the "secular" people in the world is. Too bad they can't see the reality that they have such a skewed worldview that they love only a select few truly. Those that adopt the same sectarian views as themselves.

Even Christians hate other Christians because they're not conservative enough. In other cases because they're not "radical" enough. Screw that. If God is real, his followers shouldn't be such pathetic examples of love.

All my non-Christian friends are way more loyal, more considerate, and more well-rounded than 95% of the Christians I have met.

Louis CK is great because he has the guts to tell it as he sees it. Christians only have the guts to tell others that they're not good enough and rely on evidence of Jesus that wouldn't hold up in the court of law beyond the "shadow of a doubt."

Of course, they always have an easy way out of that one - that call it "faith." Well I have faith in a pink unicorn and I had a religious experience with it. Does that make my faith more real than yours?

-JasonClarkKent (Twitter handle)