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October 21, 2010

New U2 Album Just Months Away?

Manager Paul McGuinness says the project should arrive before May 2011

The oft-buzzed about (and tentatively titled) Songs of Ascent, reportedly U2's most directly worshipful album yet, is apparently on the fast track, says their manager.

"I would expect a new U2 album sooner than anybody thinks," Paul McGuinness told the Irish Times. "I would guess early 2011 before the next leg of the American tour which starts in May."

The Irish Times reported that McGuinness says the album will likely include "Mercy" and "Every Breaking Wave," which the band has been playing at its recent shows.

"Mercy" (see the video below this post) includes these lyrics:

Love has come again / I am gone again Love is the end of history / The enemy of misery
Love has come again / I am gone again

Love is justice, a charity / Love brings with it a clarity
Love has come again / I'm alive again

I am alive, baby I'm born again and again
And again, and again and again and again

Bono has described "Every Breaking Wave" (video, lyrics) as a "surging anthem," and says it will be the first single off the new album. Another possible song on the album, according to @U2, is "North Star" (lyrics), a song from the How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb sessions which included a guest organ appearance from Michael W. Smith. (In an interview with CCM, Smith described the song as a tribute to the unwavering faith of Johnny Cash.) Read more about more possible songs on the album here.

In a recent interview with Australia's The Age, Bono said that the new album -- the first of three albums they're working on -- is being produced by Danger Mouse, the alias for American production ace Brian Burton (Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz).

"We have about 12 songs with him," Bono said. "At the moment that looks like the album we will put out next because it's just happening so easily."

Bono said the next album after that will be a "club" record featuring Lady Gaga collaborator RedOne, Black Eyed Peas rapper Will.I.Am, and French superstar David Guetta. He also said that he and guitarist The Edge are trying to convince their bandmates Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. on recording an album based on the 20 songs the two have written for a Spider-Man musical that opens on Broadway next month.

"We haven't convinced the rest of the band to do that yet," Bono told The Age. "Larry definitely has a raised eyebrow."

Here's the video for "Mercy":