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November 11, 2010

Hilary Swank Visits Prison Fellowship

Star of 'Conviction' was present for screening at evangelical ministry

Hilary Swank, who plays the lead role in Conviction, recently visited the Washington headquarters of Prison Fellowship for a screening of the film. She is working with the ministry to spread the word about prisoners wrongly convicted of crimes.

In the film, she plays the role of Betty Anne Waters, whose brother Kenny spent 18 years in prison after wrongfully being convicted of murder. Betty Anne went to law school and spent almost two decades trying to prove his innocence before DNA evidence cleared him in 2001, and he was released.

Just before her appearance at Prison Fellowship, Swank told The Washington Post that since the film released, she had met 12 former inmates who had been exonerated, and that all of them spoke of "having found faith in prison, that it was what got them through their ordeal and the circumstances.”

Swank said she regards the film and Waters' story as "such a story of faith. Faith in this other person, the faith that Kenny had in his sister that made her feel loved, to continue on. It was this beautiful circle that they gave each other, this unshakable love. And you know, that faith can be compared in myriad ways: to having faith in a higher power, faith in trusting your future, having hope." She also mentioned "the power of faith" and that the film "is a great way to continue to spread the word" about those wrongly imprisoned. She has worked with Waters and The Innocence Project to that end.

Here's a video of highlights of Swank's visit with Prison Fellowship:


Hmmm... "faith in a higher power"? Insufficient! Only faith in the Lord Jesus Christ saves!

Jesus said to the Jews of His day, "Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins."

Unless you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, you will die in your sins.

Unless you believe that Jesus Christ is eternal Deity, God in human flesh, you will die in your sins.

Unless you are trusting in Jesus Christ and Him alone to save you, with no works or merits of your own added, you will die in your sins.

yep, Hillary can't be introduced to Christ through some great work that Prison Fellowship does... WITHOUT being solely convicted and transformed right there on the spot.

Lord, save me from your followers.

No arguement, but, having been there, I assure you that she heard the message of salvation during her time at PF. She listened intently, absorbing all of it. The Sower did his job. We can do no more.

Thank you beginning a dialogue with anyone and resisting the temptation to label. I know someone will water what you planted.

The condemned thief - 'Remember me when You come into your kingdom'
The Savior's response - 'Today you willbe with Me in paradise'

God save us from our arrogance.

Some of the comments here seem to be putting up obstacles to faith, obstacles to persons coming to relationship with Christ. So Ms. Swank plays a role (well) and comes to Prison Fellowship for an interview and says positive things about faith. Can we not simply rejoice in what we see instead of saying, "It's not enough"? We ought to be very careful to let only Jesus determine requirements for living in relationship with God, or "entering into heaven." Ultimately, what is the requirement or cost for a saving relationship with Christ? The requirement: to BELIEVE. The cost: a PERFECT LIFE. Have you lived such a life? I doubt it. I certainly have not! Jesus alone lived such a life, and he gave his live to and for all humanity. May God have mercy upon us ALL.