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November 18, 2010

One to Watch in 2011

The Civil Wars' new song and video, 'Barton Hollow,' is worth a watch and listen

While we're in the process of voting on our Best Albums of 2010 (look for the list in a couple months), I've already heard what will likely be one of the Best of 2011 -- Over the Rhine's The Long Surrender, coming in February.

And just now I watched and listened to a one song from what could well be another 2011 contender -- "Barton Hollow," the title cut from the upcoming full-length debut from The Civil Wars, also due in February.

Not familiar with them? Half of the duo is Joy Williams, a former pop princess in the CCM market who has seriously found her niche and groove in her post-CCM life. The other half of the duo is John Paul White of Florence, Alabama. They met a couple years ago and have been making great music together. The title track from their 2009 four-song EP, Poison & Wine, was played in full on Grey’s Anatomy, and its music video has been viewed over 350,000 times on YouTube.

Check out the new song, "Barton Hollow," below (click here for lyrics):


I have absolutely loved the Civil Wars. Just as the article said, Joy Williams has definitely found her "niche." If any of you have not yet bought their album, "Poison & Wine," you need to do so!