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December 11, 2010

Bah! Humbug to Christmas Movies?

LA Times story claims that 'Hollywood scraps its Christmas spirit'


Noting that there are no Christmas movies releasing this year -- except for the critically panned Nutcracker in 3D -- and none planned for 2011, an article in the LA Times business section begins by saying that Hollywood is now playing the Grinch.

"The release of new Christmas movies long has been as much a tradition of the season as the annual late-night TV showing of It's a Wonderful Life and shoppers stampeding stores on Black Friday," the article notes. "But this year, there's hardly a holiday movie in sight."

The Times says the trend "reflects a change in traditional Hollywood thinking. Family films are as popular as ever . . . but the film world thinks Yuletide themes are getting a bit long in the whiskers."

The story quotes producer Joe Roth (Home Alone, The Santa Clause), a former chairman of Disney Studios: "The way to do a big-budget film these days is to take stories that everyone in the world knows and take them in a new direction. But no one's come up with a fresh way to do a holiday movie, so we're all doing it with other kinds of stories."

In a separate piece, Times columnist Steven Zeitchik flat-out asks, "Is Hollywood mounting a war on Christmas?" He concludes his op-ed with these words: "Hollywood executives' assumption is that Americans would rather come to theaters to see stories about pretty much anything other than Christmas. Are they right?"

Meanwhile, AWR Hawkins at Big Hollywood says the Times is playing loose with statistics, and that the Christmas movie is alive and well.

What do you think?


Well, I think its a shame. I love to watch Christmas movies before Christmas. It really helps me to get into the holiday spirit. I doubt Hollywood would lose any money by focusing more on making Christmas films. I do agree that they are probably running out of new ideas for Christmas films though. Hollywood types aren't always the most creative.

That being said, at least there are some decent family films that will be out before Christmas. At the very least, I hope the dearth of Christmas films will help the newest Chronicles of Narnia film. At least the first Narnia film really was a Christmas movie and even the new one has a short snow scene in it. And, of course, it would be a good one to take the kids to on a family outing.

Hmm... just tune to ABC Family, The Hallmark Channel, and other cable channels - all of which seem to have several new holiday themed movies every year. No, there aren't any theatrical releases, but honestly its probably too hard to produce something there that people will want to watch (for example my favorite Christmas movie is Love, Actually and I always have to fastforward through several scenes.

We love watching Christmas movies in December and are always looking for good ones to buy......My favorite newer one is A Christmas Card which is worth watching year after year!!!! I am so glad that someone had a good idea for a Christmas movie that was new and had substance! Thank you!

I'd rather watch the old classics than see something new from Hollywood. Having to come up with something new every year is ridiculous.

My favorite newer one is A Christmas Card which is worth watching year after year!!!! I am so glad that someone had a good idea for a Christmas movie that was new and had substance! Thank you!

Sure, Home Alone, was funny, clean, but not "Christmas."

I am relieved the Hollywood is not touching Christmas. The world does not need more sacreligious films distorting the Reason for this Season.

How about the notion sharing Christ with someone who does not know him in the time we devote to TV? Is there a great DVD to do that? Or book?


Hmmm...so we are bothered that Hollywood is ignoring our holiday? Darn, I wish Hollywood would resume validating our faith with a lame movie or two focused on shopping, snarky Santa's, and vague spirituality.

I am really unhappy with the fact that Hollywood is not making anymore christmas movies because I would always wait during the begining of the christmas season to see which movies they would be advertising for the season of Christmas and Hollywood was so good at directing Christmas movies and coming up with new ideas.Christmas Is about the baby Jesus we all know that I'm sure but there are those things like movies and holiday cheer that help make the season even more joyous and fun. I have an idea. How about a lady who wanted a new home for Christmas and there is a happy ending in the end.