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January 11, 2011

Not for Sale II: Join the Fight Against Trafficking

New 30-minute DVD states the problem, encourages viewers to join the battle


It's late in the evening on Human Trafficking Awareness Day, in the middle of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, so I just spent a half hour watching Not For Sale II, a new documentary about the problem worldwide.

The 30-minute film isn't very slick or high gloss, but then, neither is its topic. Beneath the lipstick, high heels and come-on smiles, many of the world's prostitutes are devastated shells of women who desperately hate their lives and would do anything to get off the streets and out from under the iron fist of their pimps and the sex trade. One of the young women interviewed in this film said she didn't fear death, even if she ended up going to hell, because hell would be better than her current life as a sex slave.

Filmmaker Robert Marcarelli and his team interviewed sex slaves (current and former) and the leaders of several organizations that are actively fighting the issue globally, including in the United States. The film doesn't take a Christian perspective, though some of the organizations featured, including International Justice Mission, are clearly driven by biblical faith. But the fight worldwide is clearly one of justice and compassion, hallmarks of an active Christian faith.

Click here to watch the trailer, purchase the DVD, or arrange a screening.