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January 13, 2011

Ted Haggard's 'Resurrection Story'

The disgraced preacher, to be featured in TLC documentary, still mugging for the camera

Ted Haggard, whose fall into disgrace was one of the biggest news stories in evangelicalism in the last several years, is the focal point of a new documentary, Ted Haggard: Scandalous, premiering Sunday night on The Learning Channel (click here for listings).

“I hope it’s a resurrection story,” Haggard told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “I hope it encourages people to realize that no matter what you are going through, the sun will come up again.”

Haggard, former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals and a once-respected pastor, was caught in late 2006 after having a sexual encounter with a male prostitute and later revealing that he had been using crystal meth. Haggard, wife Gayle (author of Why I Stayed) and their five children have since been trying to rebuild their lives.

In a press release, TLC claims to "go inside their new world" where the Haggards are "launching a new ministry unlike any other church ever seen. The eye-opening special will the expose and follow the fascinating, compelling, emotional and controversial journey from the day Haggard announced the opening of his new ministry - St. James Church - located in Colorado Springs, the town he had been kicked out of once his double life was uncovered."

"My family and I endured the darkest hours imaginable in the public spotlight, and have spent the last four years fighting and struggling to rebuild our lives, our faith and our family," Haggard told. "Showing the world the new chapter of our lives will hopefully inspire others to find their own path to overcome their struggles and embrace the power of acceptance. The church is open to all, even those who have committed the darkest sins."

It's the second cable documentary starring Haggard. HBO aired The Trials of Ted Haggard two years ago this month.


I frankly wish that Mr. Haggard would stay out of the limelight and go on with his life minus any cameras.

I think this is the way the "religous folk" treat people. Ted made a HUGE mistake in his life. Frankly, if we were all honest and open, we all make mistakes at or worse than his day to day or year to year. Ted has learned through his personal trial that even his judging of others in the past wasnt what God wanted of him. God wanted him to be his servant vs a human judge. Now that Ted has learned that, I support him 100%.
I hope he reads this... Ted, your family has been strong and your wife is a blessing to you and an example of 'steadfastness to values' -- she is an inspiration to me and to my entire family. If you ever get to Washington DC. Shoot me an email and stop in for dinner!!! Dont you Dare quit!!!

I too would like for Taggard to remove himself from the public scene. Not because of his sins - not mistakes, Carl - but because the negative fall out was magnified by his being a very public (and outspoken)figure. Millions had been exposed to Taggard and as a result, his fall, has put a stumbling block before millions. Thanks to Taggard, it has become so much easier to dismiss the message of the Gospel.

There is something very unsettling to see that a man in his situation would apparently be willing to have the public spotlight trained on him once again.

Oh, Carl, it's because of the gullibility of believers like you that spawn people like Ted.

There is no doubt that Ted, who is a very cunning person, began to plan his comeback almost immediately after he was exposed (ewww). A person who is truly humble would react the way Peter did upon his denial of Christ. Peter was so broken that he had to receive a special message from Christ in order for him to come out of hiding. Peter was a broken man.

Ted, on the other hand, was a man angry that his empire was broken. Ted's incessant need to be in front of a camera shows me that he hasn't learned any lesson except how to manipulate the process to his gain.

No, Ted knows exactly what he is doing...we just need to ignore him. Then maybe, just maybe he'll go away and learn what it means to be called by Christ.