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January 13, 2011

Whittaker's Viral Video Wins at People's Choice

Singer/songwriter/blogger uses platform to raise awareness of adoption

Almost a year ago, we blogged about how Integrity Music artist Carlos Whittaker and his son had become YouTube stars with a brief video in which he inadvertently makes his young son cry. (Check it out at the bottom of this post.)

The video, "Single Ladies Devastation," has received more than five million views, and just last week, it won the "Favorite Viral Video Star" at the People's Choice Awards. Of course, Whittaker isn't the star of the video; it's his son Losiah, who begins weeping and wailing (and possibly gnashing his teeth) when his dad, at the wheel of the car, tells his son he's "not a single lady" as Losiah sings along (with his older sisters) to Beyonce's hit single. Losiah's reaction is the big moment, and then seeing Whittaker try to recover (even mouthing the words "I'm a horrible father") is simply hilarious.

Whittaker has used the video's fame as a platform to raise awareness of adoption; Losiah, now 4 years old, was adopted from South Korea in 2006. Whittaker blogs here. And here's the video again:


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