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February 4, 2011

'Grizzly Adams' Creator Dies

Charles E. Sellier Jr. created popular series, and a host of faith-and-family-friendly flicks


According to a press release from Grizzly Adams Productions, Charles E. Sellier, Jr. passed away unexpectedly on January 31st at his North Idaho home, according to longtime business associate David Balsiger. Sellier was 67.

Sellier was the President/CEO of Grizzly Adams Productions, which produces and markets family-oriented and faith-based feature films, television series, and documentaries worldwide.Best known for creating the iconic long running NBC television series, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, in the late 1970s, Sellier personally wrote and produced more than 30 feature films and 230 television shows during his show business career spanning four decades. Eleven of his theatrical films are among the top 100 all-time independent grossing films, with six of those releases ranked in the top 25.

“Chuck was a truly gifted individual,” said longtime associate David Balsiger, vice president of marketing, and senior producer with the company. “Both an artist and a computer geek, he could write an original screenplay, produce the movie, and then market the show generating amazing audience enthusiasm. Chuck was an industry pioneer in pre-testing film projects using sophisticated research techniques—opinion polling, generational science and neuromarketing.”


We really need more family friendly films these days that can compete with the secular stuff. It's difficult to get my nephew to watch something more wholesome than Ben 10 etc..

At Crosspointe we've got a large kid's ministry, and we're doing what we can to steer kid's in the right direction.

I guess i'm so sad as I have been called Grizzly Adams so many times because of the way I live,I was really truly hoping to get the lead role of Grizzly Adams in their new movie,i'm saddened to hear about Mr. Sellier,his production was pretty much my life...God be with you Sir,and welcome into Heaven with God the Father,he has brought you into a much better place than you can ever imagine...I'm sure Dan Haggerty was so well blessed in having to get to know you Sir,you will be missed on earth,but we will meet,i've brushed with death in open heart surgery,am healing slowly,and already wearing my leather floppy hat and don't ever intend to get rid of it. God bless, David Rotz