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February 8, 2011

Has Your Pastor Caught Bieber Fever?

New movie, out this week, has Christian undertones -- and even a Bible study guide!

Your preteen daughter surely knows that Justin Bieber’s first feature film is opening this Friday, Feb. 11, in theaters everywhere. But does your pastor know? Or your church’s youth leaders?

There’s a subtle-but-fascinating marketing campaign going on for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, accentuating the faith angle of the movie. Well, maybe not so much the movie as Bieber himself. Other than a quick pre-show prayer or two, the film is not overt about Bieber’s faith; one publicist clarified that “while Justin and his mother [also prominently featured] are Christians . . . this is a secular film about Justin and his music. However, it is clean, safe, wholesome entertainment that parents and grandparents can take their kids to.”

Still, due to the faith angle — however subtle — a relatively new division of a large marketing agency is pitching the movie to faith-based media and audiences. Allied Faith & Family, an arm of Allied Integrated Marketing, is working the faith angle for the movie, which is being distributed by Paramount. Allied IM (the parent company) is an established marketing agency that works a myriad of projects with well-known clients — including many of Hollywood’s major studios. (CT works regularly with the Chicago branch of Allied for movie screenings for our local film critics.)

In conjunction with the new Bieber film, Allied Faith & Family has put together a 12-page Bible study discussion guide titled, “Never Say Never: For Nothing Is Impossible With God,” based on the film and Bieber’s own faith journey. The guide bills itself as “an opportunity to teach our children about the power of hope, prayer, faith and family.” It includes sections on “Discerning God’s Plan for Your Life,” “The Power of Prayer,” and “The Importance of Godly Friendships.”

We already knew that Bieber was a Christian, but Allied Faith & Family’s efforts — which include a video interview with Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette — have helped members of the media learn even more about his faith journey. Cobbled from press releases, videos, and the interview with Mallette, we learn that:

> Bieber, in his own words, is “a Christian. I believe in God. I believe that, you know, Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I have a relationship with him. And he’s the reason I’m here.” (A few more "you knows" were edited out here.)

> Mallette wanted her son to be “a youth pastor or a worship leader,” and when Justin’s pop star began to rise so rapidly, she didn’t think it was God’s plan because so many entertainment celebs “are getting into trouble. It’s not the best environment to raise a child from.” But she says God “said” to her that he’d called her son “to be a light in the world, and how are you supposed to be a light in the world if you’re not in the world.”

> The prayers of many surround Bieber, his family, and his traveling entourage. “You can never have enough prayer,” Mallette says. “I have a group of people that I ask to keep us covered in prayer.” She also notes that many fans she’s never met regularly pray for them. (At left, Bieber and tour members pray before a show.)

> “Justin is still discovering who he is and who God is,” according to Mallette. “He has faith in God, and God has hooks in his heart. . . . He definitely knows he is not here on his own merit. He can’t deny the unprecedented favor of God in such a short period of time. And he knows it’s for a purpose and a plan.”

> Justin’s “Pray” is his mom’s “all time favorite song. It’s so full of life and hope.” In the song, Bieber notes some of world’s woes (“children are crying, soldiers are dying, some people don’t have a home”) before praying “for the broken hearted, for the life not started, for all the ones not breathing, for all the souls in need.” It’s not great poetry, but it’s a catchy pop song with a good word from a nice kid who believes in Jesus, you know?

And here's the movie trailer:


I never really like Justin Bieber, but now that I know he's a christian, it's not as bad.

I'll mostly second that, but it still worries me that Justin, not God, may be idolized and worshiped.

If Justin Beiber is reallya "Christian" he wouldn't be singing songs about girls just cause he prays before a concert still doesnt show ne that he is a Christian in my opinion he is a disgrace for Christian. So many people in the world portray themselves as Christians but thy are just as bad as people who are not christian. This I just my opinion and maybe if he did a christian album about God and not a girl then maybe my thoughts on him would change

Okay, first of all I do not think that us as Christians should not be the ones to judge Justin Bieber. He isn't the disgrace, we are. Just because he sings songs about girls doesn't mean he is not a Christian. He doesn't do anything horrible. He doesn't do drugs or curse or do things with girls. He just sings nice songs that respect them. What about Pray? Down to Earth? Try to not focus on the negatives of people and think of the positives. But seriously, if you say you are a Christian it should not be about what you say it's what you do. He sings about girls, he doesn't do nasty things with them. And it should be the same for you. If you are judging another person about their faith, maybe you should look at you own faith. That's all. I liked Justin before, and I like him even more now.

I praise God there is someone out there who is in the eye of the public who is not just talented but living a life worth watching! He "is" honoring the Lord with his whole life! What better way to reach thousands for Christ than to just live for Christ!!!! I went to his concert with my 10 year old daughter and her three friends. IT WAS AMAZING!! (I never felt like one thing in his concert was inapropriate.) In fact one of the moms that went with us wasn't too excited to be there BUT by the time his concert was half over she said, "I am in love with this kid. He is so gifted!!" I am a Christian mother of four kids ages 5, 10, 13, and 16 years old. Three of them being girls and one 13 year old son. I'm glad they have him to look up to!!! Soooo....I definately have Bieber Fever!!!!!Cathy Heisinger

I think it's great that there is a clean artist out there for young kids to look up to. One thing I don't really understand though is if he really is a Christian why he is not telling everyone he can about it. I know for me if I had his fame I would be telling everyone about what God has done for me. Yeah his songs are good and clean and it's good to be in the world to show them God, but if this video hadn't come out and someone said he was a Christian I would have never known that he was.

I took my daughter last night to see the premier of the movie, It was amazing and I had no previous knowledge of this amazing young man. I think he is living his life as best as he can, and letting God shine through. In the movie him and his friends sat down at a pizza place to have lunch and they prayed before they ate, I think it is a great example for him to set and how many young girls that see this movie will see that and that may be all it takes to put a spark in their heart to check out this Jesus thing! If he reaches just one person for God its all worth it right? Shawna Bernard Longview washington

The bible says we we will know them by their fruits. I really don't prefer Justin's music,but that is beyond the point. Prayer before a concert doesn't make you a christian. Lot's of secular artists pray before concerts.

People are commenting about how he should tell people he is a Christian. Isn't that what he is doing? Never really listened to his music but my 11 year old daughter is a fan and I don't have to censor his music, so good for him.

I'm not a Bieber fan. He has a good voice and I'm glad he's a Christian. I agree that its not bad for him to song about girls but if he is Christian, don't you think he could write a few songs to portray his faith? I'm 12 years old and most of friends have the Bieber Fever. I don't thing kids any younger than me need to listen to all his love songs. Like I said, there're not bad but I think of he really is a Christian, them he should just sing a few Christian songs! :)

I think it's hilarious how everyone on here has so much to say about how justin bieber should live his christian life and what he should sing and that he should tell everyone about Jesus! That's our job too, and yet it seems like from reading these comments you only have to do that if you're famous! How easily us christians judge everyone but ourselves(me included)! We act like we know this poor kid just because we've heard a few things about him or have listened to his music. He is a child of God just like we are and for that reason alone we shouldn't judge him!

This article has given me a ton of respect for JB. In my opinion I think that God's plan with Justin is through the subtle things that honor God. The reality of it is if he comes out spreading the gospel too thick he's going to loose a lot of his fan base and that would not be very effective in reaching people for Christ. If Justin can stay true to his faith, and I pray that he does, God will work through him in a tangible way that will connect with today's youth. For us Christians it's easy for us to say he should be using his fame to reach people for Christ. I think he will do just that but we need to be patient and watch God's plan unfold. We shouldn't be discussing if he is a true Christian or not. Shame on you. We don't know his heart. Only he and God know that and it's not for us to judge. My advice is if you know a boy or girl that has Bieber fever, just let them know that Justin believes in Jesus. See what happens. Maybe that's all they need to hear to start they're faith. Who knows?

I agree with Clint and think that this is the best way for Justin to reach the youth!! I have two boys of my own and looking forward to getting this bible study. What a great way for the youth to relate. May God use Justin to reach a wide range of young people to know Christ. Thanks for sharing this info.

1 Timothy 4:12 "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers, in your speech, your conduct, your love, your faith, and purity."

Judging one another dishonors our Father and opens the wounds our sweet Jesus suffered for our sakes, brothers and sisters, this young man will face enough challenge and criticism in the world, I pray he will rise above all temptation remain true to himself and his faith in God .. for all we know, Justin may be singing his praises for us to share at K-Love. God bless and peace be with you.

Michelle you could not have said it any better - that is exactly right. I used to be a youth group leader, and can't tell you how many times I have seen this. If they are listening to secular music, and hearing a good clean song about a boy liking a girl's smile and along the way sees the way Justin is living his life, that will have a much better impact. Otherwise, he may loose the interest of the youth before they even start listening to him.

There are some who profess Christianity and never live it. There are some who live Christianity but never verbally proclaim it. Justin Bieber has done both.

In the article, he is quoted as saying, "I believe in God. I believe that, you know, Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I have a relationship with him. And he’s the reason I’m here." He publicly prays. He has made a movie portraying himself as a Christian.

You may complain about him not singing much about or "for" God. However, although I've not listened to his music, it appears he doesn't sing about things that go against God's word. That, in today's secular music industry, is a testimony in and of itself.

Who are we to judge him? Besides, he's done all the above to proclaim his walk with Christ publicly. How many of us "Christians" who complain that he hasn't done this or that can honestly say we've done as much?

He is a Christian! That is wonderful - no doubt about it. Let us not discount that confession in any way. We should be thankful and pray for him and his family. It will be even harder for Justin now that he has given the "worldly sharks" more reason to attack him. Oh my goodness: a young boy sings about girls!!(sarcasm) It is normal and relative at this age. As a parent of two and working with children at church I am thankful for him as a role model. My daughter and I enjoy his music together.

wow - I'm shocked by all the Christians on these posts showing CONDITIONAL love to another brother.

May he who is without sin cast the first stone.

.....and be judged for it:)

I blame Allied Faith and Family. Christian marketing is so skewed. Always trying to make a buck on someone's faith. What a ridiculous stretch to market Bieber's faith, if he is indeed a child of God's grace.

it's sad that people are demanding a young boy to display his faith through his songs and saying that singing about girls isn't representing God. He's been singing respectful songs that don't degrade girls to objects and instead sings about pursuing them. you also forget his song pray which is exactly the song you've been demanding. also... he has done way much more than most Christians did and at a very young age. I remember when I was his age, i just didn't do anything that was for Christ, but instead things that opposed God. I'm glad that he has a lot of people praying for him and i'm definitely gonna pray for him also.

Where do we get this Bible study based on Justin's movie; Never Say Never?

I'm curious about the content of this study, and how much it might actually relate to the film. How responsible is it to produce a Bible study to promote a message that the film itself may not promote?

Though I appreciate Justin's confession of faith, I hope that it doesn't fall flat in the face of the world's pressure. Hollywood and the music industry have a way of corrupting even the most sincere intentions. Only a few years ago, Miley Cyrus called herself a "Christ follower" and expressed her devotion to the gospel, but her public image has completely reversed since then. Though I am not opposed to Christians being involved in the arts, or even achieving fame, it seems that they (as much as we, the fans) must come to a crisis point where they must choose which master they will serve.

Sarcasm alert... But Is Justin Bieber a pre-tribulational, pre-millennial, dispensational, 3 1/2 point Calvinist, complimentarian, megachurch attending, republican voting, NIV reading Evangelical Christian?

I believe this should come to mind before correcting anyone, Matthew 7:5. As "Christians" we should/are taught not to judge, compare, and gossip. Instead of bashing a teenager, pray for him, I believe some of us need examine our hearts before we type. Reject your "religion" take up your cross daily and become disciples of all nations. Trust in God let Him lead your heart, speak with your tongue, and type with your fingers. God is good!

Judging means a condemnation sense. too many people misconstrue what judgment is. We are called to call our brothers and sisters on issues that are non Godly.

So let me ask you this, have you ever had a crush on someone ? have you ever heard a song playing on the radio a love song and ever thought of someone? and r you a christian? SO im guesing your answer is yes , so dont judge the music he sings not everyone lives on just playing christian music.

I think we're really missing a larger and much more important point. James makes it clear that "love for the world is enmity (hatred) toward God...therefore, anyone who loves the world makes himself an enemy of God."

We can debate all day long about whether the artist is a Christian, and we can debate all day long about the content of his songs. What cannot be argued is that we can't live with one foot squarely planted in the world, while the other dips its toes into the waters of the kingdom. According to Paul, the call is to "come out and be ye SEPARATE." The angel in the book of Revelation cries out, "Come out of her my people, lest ye partake of her sins and inherit her judgments."

But can't he be a better witness for Christ by the influence of his fame? Paul says, "Not many of you were wise or influential when you were called...for what man calls wise, God calls foolish." He doesn't need the arm of the flesh or man's pride and ambition to get it done. He certainly will not contend with the idolatry factor, which utterly cancels out any other good that might have come from fame and celebrity.

It is simply a failure to grasp the Biblical pattern and God's hatred of our man-centered, flesh driven attempts to "be famous for Jesus." Closer to the truth, this usually winds up being little more than a rank justification to fulfill all my own aspirations while avoiding guilt, conviction, and death to self.

Coming soon, the "Justin Bieber Study Bible", with extra "ya knows" in every verse and a discography in place of a concordance.

(It would not surprise me in the least if this wasn't already in the works.)

"Bring forth fruits worthy of repentance" used to be the measure of a man's (boy's) faith. Now all you need to do is "say" what you want everyone to believe and the American churchgoers will but it. It might be a fig tree but if Jesus shows up and there's no fruit to be had...
Mat 21:19 And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.

yep Miley showed the falseness of her faith.Christianity is a profitable market do not doubt wordly marketers to tap into that.I remember barry bonds talking about God when it was in his best interest.Miley the pole dancer.lusty bong smoking fornicating fine young christian lady.ya right.the bible does call us christians to judge rightouss judgement by the way.every moment we are judging what is right & wrong.thats how were made.we cant get away from it.can we judge ones soul with absolute accuracy? nope.only the Lord can.amen!

Well, in his Rolling Stone interview, he says that homosexuality is no problem. Pretty sure the Bible says differently. How about this Bieber quote: "I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them". Um, how about Jesus declaring that just looking at a woman with lust is adultry at heart?

The only real question here is what kind of soil was he (Mark 4)? Looking at the tree and not seeing any fruit...


Monday, February 21, 2011

The Justin Bieber Bible Quiz
By David Buckna
Special to ASSIST News Service



Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine.

The persecution of Justin Bieber
Feb 28, 2011 by Colby Cosh

Study to shew thyself approved unto God 2timothy 15,as christians we have to rightly divide the word of truth
let your no be no and yes be yes, jesus said my sheep hear my voice and i know them and they fellow me.
Justin its high time to show the world on whose side you belong, Baal or God, remember you can not serve two masters at ago, walk by in spirit not by sight and you will know the truth.

"That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

we're christians NOT because we know theology, or we have all the right answers to hard questions and sticky issues like homosexuality. we're christians because we're sinners and God saved us, yah?

justin may mess up much, or may not always have the right things to say, but let's trust that if God can use you and I, he can use someone like justin, famous though he may be.

we pray, lord, for this young man! guard him and guide him in the way of life. keep him close to you, keep him loving you.. may your will be done in his life, may your kingdom come, that all may see and know that you are god.. father one of us are good. only you are. so we trust in you, we put our faith in you, we love you. amen.

*none of us

i was recently interested in justin bieber's story. god works in marvelous ways, if we are willing to give him our lives. i believe He is working out something wonderful through Justin! :D

Hollywood and the music industry have a way of corrupting even the most sincere intentions. keep him close to you, keep him loving you we pray and do your will and share the manifold blessings to good deeds.schmutz," Mempon

I am not one to throw the first stone. Justin when he first came out into the media did seem like his walk with Jesus was very real, and I let my then 9 year old to get into his music, but my daughter walked up to me one day at eleven and said to me"Mom if he really is a born again Christian then why does he use his middle finger to tell others how he is feeling? Why did I see his hand on his gf's bare bottom? Why isn't he singing for God? She went from being a huge fan to a let down little girl. I tried to explain to her that you cannot take a christian and throw him into the pit of Lions and not expect him to make mistakes. She still chose to take his posters down and choose not to listen to his music anymore. I told her the best she could do for him was to pray for him, and his family.