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February 3, 2011

John 3:16 Ad Won't Air During Super Bowl

Fox Sports rejects commercial because it contains 'religious doctrine'


A year ago, we were blogging about the controversy surrounding the Tim Tebow pro-life ad that was to air during the Super Bowl. (It ended up airing anyway, and there were far fewer complaints after it aired than before it -- scandal averted!)

Now we have another minor commercial controversy brewing. Fixed Point Foundation reports that Fox Sports has rejected a proposed Super Bowl ad featuring a reference to the Bible verse John 3:16 -- ironic since it has been showing up in the background on signs at sporting events for decades.

In the commercial (embedded below), Fixed Point -- whose stated mission is "to promote a confident Christianity in the public square by fortifying the minds of Christians and challenging the faith of skeptics" -- hoped to encourage viewers to look up John 3:16 and consider its meaning. The commercial directs viewers to a website (lookup316.com) with the verse and explanation. Neither the commercial nor the website sells a product or asks for money, but Fox supposedly rejected the commercial because it contains "religious doctrine."

Still, some regions have opted to air the commercial anyway; a Fox station in Birmingham has agreed to air it twice during the big game. Here it is:

And here's the Tebow ad from last year's Super Bowl:


I'm encouraged to seek new and broad ways to lift up Jesus Christ who wants His name and work lifted up to the whole world. This is a great way to do it. He is God's only begotten Son who brings lost people to God/Jehovah everywhere in the whole world.

The family of God/Jehovah (Body of Christ) is doing the work of Jesus Christ in reaching out to the peoples of the whole earth by all possible means to lead to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We cannot let darkened thought and evil unbelief stop the work of Jehovah God in our day and time.

Thanks for making this post! This is important to know. It's a shame that this commercial wasn't aired on all the networks. It's a blessing to hear that Birmingham stood up for the Truth of Jesus Christ and aired the video!