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March 23, 2011

Former SNL Star Slammed for 'Homophobia'

Victoria Jackson takes 'Glee' to task for airing a kiss between gay young men


Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson, writing for the hyper-conservative World Net Daily, said that last week's episode of Glee, which featured a kiss between gay characters Kurt and Blaine, was "sickening" and that "besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of "Glee" – what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?"

The comments came near the end of an article titled "The Muslims Next Door," in which Jackson had ridiculed Muslims on a number of fronts: "Why do liberals embrace Shariah law even though 'beheading your wife' seems to go against the feminist movement's mantra? Why do liberals embrace Islam knowing it frowns on homosexuality? Because they have the same goals. Progressives, communists, liberals, globalists and Muslims want to destroy America. When that goal is reached, they will fight for top billing. It will be bloody."

But it was Jackson's comments about Glee's gay kiss that really stirred the pot on Tuesday. The Huffington Post and E! Online both called it a "homophobic rant." Popeater.com called it an "anti-tolerance crusade." Perez Hilton urges Jackson to "keep your homophobic, narrow-minded, tea-party babble to yourself, 'kay?!"

Showbiz Tonight ostensibly gave Jackson a chance to defend her comments on the air, but the report was hardly objective and was clearly meant to tear Jackson down. The webpage, after all, is titled, "Victoria Jackson blasts 'Glee,' gays while waving Bible," and the video carried such blurbs as "Glee Kiss Outrage!" and "Lip-Lock Lashout!" And while interviewing Jackson, Showbiz Tonight showed the kiss eight times in less than five minutes.

On Showbiz Tonight, Jackson dismissed the accusations of homophobia by saying "that's a cute little buzz word of the liberal agenda," adding, "The Bible says homosexuality is a sin." See the entire video here:


word of advice - if you're going to editorialize in your reportage at least do so consistently and not cherry pick targets for categorization. When you label WND "hyper-conservative" and then choose not to label every other media organization in the piece (most if not all of which have a lopsidely liberal POV on these issues) it damages your journalistic integrity and credibility. If it is the case that you simply don't see these other sources as liberal, especially the hyper-liberal Huffington Post, then it is most likely because you are yourself liberal and unable to see it or you are simply uninformed. Either way, if I were you, I would make an effort to be more conscientious in the future. that would be more civil. :)

So with all the remarks you have quoted by Jackson, the only thing you choose to criticize in your piece is the attitude of the news program that interviewed her? I take it you agree with her, then.

CT got it from the left and the right in the two comments above. I guess it was a pretty fair report, then!

I saw the Jackson piece. I agree with her, but maybe not for the reasons she said. I'm less concerned about America (though I am concerned about America) than about the eternal consequences kids watching Glee are going to face, by embracing such a choice of lifestyle. Victoria is an easy caricature, so she'll get a lot of left-wing media attention.

I think less kids are going to turn gay because of "Glee" than because of Ms. Jackson's complete and utter ugliness.

BT, kids don't "turn gay" - assuming you are straight, at one point in your life did you "turn straight"?

Hey, straight Christians, how about a pro-and-con listing that led you to become straight? Sure would be more helpful to those of us who "chose" to be Gay!

Victoria Jackson has the right to proclaim what she believes based on God's word, The Bible, which does indeed set forth homosexuality as a sin. I believe this too, but is Miss Jackson and other believers in Christ as indignant when they view heterosexual couples kissing who are not married to one another? Folks jumping in and out of bed who are not married to one another? Or two girls mouth kissing? Or the profanity that runs rampant on the TV? I really despise the overused term "homophobic" and think we Christians need to become "sin-ophobics" instead.

"Even the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose." (Shakespeare)

It's no coincidence that successful and talented stars are rarely homophobic; it's almost always the losers -- the has-beens, the untalented hacks-- who become christians and/or bigots like Victoria Jackson.

It's a chicken and egg thing, though -- did they become religious and homophobic because they were losers ...or was it the other way around? Hard to say.

One more thing: please, everyone, be sure to watch the video of Victoria Jackson. It's must-see TV -- way too precious to be missed!

Victoria Jackson is not a washed up star. She has found God and that makes her a success. Many people, who are extremely successful in the here and now, will be complete failures in eternity. The ultimate success is Salvation and the ultimate failure is damnation. All of the people who think it is more trendy to embrace the latest liberal blather than to obey the word of God are in for a rude awakening. On your judgment day there won’t be any lawyers from the A.C.L.U. representing you. It will be just little you in the presence of The Omniscient God. For the ones who oppose his word now, it might seem pc and defiant to mock God and make fun of those who try to lead you to the truth, but a day is coming that is going to be very frightening. I would rather be killed by a mob of rabid sinners, than be judged by The Almighty God, while I’m in a state of unrepentant sin. Victoria is not ugly either; she is just a little chubby. Most people in America are overweight. So look in the mirror before you start making fun of people. Also, Victoria is right, that gay kiss was disgusting. On that interview that CNN crew kept showing it over and over. The first time I saw it I wanted to puke. When they kept showing it, I had to look away or I would have been sick. I don’t believe she is homophobic, just homo-repulsed as I am. The Hollywood sewer is running into the nation’s homes every night trying to wash you away into their pool of immorality.

Won't somebody please think of the children?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I *love* how they keep playing the clip over and over while she shudders and foams and rants and raves. Nicely played, guys.

So much projection...

Funny how she and her fellow bigots will go on and on about how harmful a kiss in "Glee" while the sexualization of violence in "Sucker Punch" opening this week gets not a peep from them.

Mad cow disease. Frightening.

I side with VC on a big point that gets side-stepped in this article. It is entirely possible -- in fact, it's easy -- to believe that homosexual sex is a sin, and to NOT be homophobic. But of course, it's easier for those who disagree with your stance to give you an ugly label, even though that label is a total lie. Gotta love the 100% hypocrisy of the supposedly "tolerant".

@Intolerance-phobe - um...I'm hoping you're also kidding with the beginning of your post. There are several STDs you can get from oral sex, & if you think not, you need to educate yourself.

Ms. Jackson is correct also in that kids are exposed to way too much way too early, although I'm almost more concerned with the content of the commercials rather than the shows themselves. I used to babysit my neighbor's children & fully expected them to ask me about "ED" or adult lubricant at any given moment.

I also noticed how quickly the interviewer wanted to change the subject when Ms. Jackson began to talk about the gospel. While I might not agree entirely with her style of writing, Ms. Jackson made some excellent points.

"'Cause it says in the Bible! 'Cause it says in the Bible! 'Cause it says in the Bible! 'Cause it says in the Bible! 'Cause it says in the Bible! 'Cause it says in the Bible! 'Cause it says in the Bible!"

Victoria Jackson's nails-on-chalkboard voice and (lack of) bearing turns any point into laughable targets of derision. She's a gift for liberals. In fact, I'm sure she's a lefty in real life and her over-the-top appearances are an elaborate, Joaquin Phoenix-like act to show how crazy the churchies are.

God loves all. Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Straight. Remember that.

"God is Love. He who dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God dwelleth in him."

The Bible was not just written by one man at a certain point in time. It has approximately 40 authors and was written over approximately 1800 years. The number of ancient manuscripts (thousands) in existence is incredible. There is a lot of non-biblical evidence backing up what is written in the Bible too. There are ancient historians who wrote about many of the things in the Bible, thus backing up what was written. Archeology and history back up what is written in the Bible. Then, on top of that, the Bible has hundreds of prophecies that have been fulfilled. The odds that the prophecies regarding Jesus birth, life, and death could be fulfilled by one man, are astronomical, it actually puts it into the "impossible" category, except that being God, nothing is impossible. It proves He is God. For instance, it was predicted 500 years before He was born that He would be born in Bethlehem, a small little town. It was predicted that He would be crucified before the means of crucifixion was even used. He was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, just like it was predicted hundreds of years earlier. It was predicted that the soldiers would gamble over His clothing, and then hundreds of years later, that prophecy was fulfilled. A prophecy regarding Jesus riding a donkey through Jerusalem was predicted to the exact day, hundreds of years earlier. The list goes on and on. Josephus, and many other historians wrote about the miracles that He performed. All of His disciples, except for John were martyred for their beliefs in very cruel ways, because they would not deny what they saw. They saw the risen son of God after He was crucified, and He talked and ate with them. John was exiled to the island of Patmos, and there he was inspired by God to write more, like the book of Revelation. The odds of Jesus fulfilling the prophecies about Him are the same as if you put an X on a checker, and you filled the state of Texas with checkers 3 feet deep, and you happened to pick up that one checker.

I assume that you being a secular humanist, believe in the "big bang" theory, and that we all evolved from pond scum, which became cyanobacteria, etc,? There is a law in science that says life cannot come from non-life. Back in the days before they knew about microbes, they thought that cold air could cause diseases for instance, not knowing that rhinoviruses are needed to cause a cold. Also, if you think about it, have you ever seen anything at all that has a design that does not have a designer? Or do you think that if you walked endlessly in the woods, you would eventually find a coffee table that had spontaneously formed? I'm just curious about your theory that you have put your faith in.

BTW for the others posting about shellfish, etc, Jesus said we are no longer under food restrictions, which you would know if you read the Bible. They couldn't eat pork for instance, in the OT, and we all know that pork carries trichinosis. God had the rules for the Jews because they were actually wise health rules. It was meant for that time when God had a Theocracy. God had the Jews circumcise the male babies when they were 8 days old. That turns out to be the perfect time for infants, because at day 8, it is the best day for coagulation. What may appear to be totally random, is not. When Jesus came, there was no longer a Theocracy. Jesus said it is not what goes into your mouth that is important, but that which comes out of it.

@Barbara Nice try, O'Reilly, but we know that's you. Still trying to figure out how the tides work?

Ramble, ramble, ramble.

Is there anyone *straight* who watched "Glee"?

Vicky honey, see that little button on the remote? It's called a channel-changer. Use it and spare us the headache-inducing blabbering.

I do believe it also says divorce is forbidden, Victoria.

I'd hate to be her daughter.

Hey Victoria, if you're trying to audition for the wacky churchy character in "Glee," there are less embarassing ways.

"And I have gay friends!" Not after this disgraceful performance, you won't.

Isn't gluttony a sin, too?

Very trashy show, though I really love how they keep showing the kiss on a loop to cheese her and her fellow bigots off.

Fundamentalism -- where has-been celebs go to rot.

Victoria who?

You CAN'T make people gay. Sheesh, people, it's not that hard to understand, is it.

"Doesn't matter what I say..." - You betcha! *flips channel*

woman, get your nose out of other people's sex lives. didn't like the program? change the channel. end of problem.

The teabaggers finally found a celebrity on their own level. And they can keep her.

I love Jesus. And I love gay people. End of story.

Vicky hun, the Bible is not a prop.

Some friendly advice: If you want to be taken seriously, stop talking like a Teletubbie. You're welcome.

To paraphrase Kurt Cobain, I'm not gay, but I wish I were just to piss this witch off.

A thousand apologies for hiring her in the first place. I didn't know, I swear.

America is not in the Bible, and the Bible is not in the Constitution.

"They made a mockery of Christians." Not nearly as much as you whenever you open your mouth, dearie.

Most of your posts consist of name calling, snide remarks, and only your opinions, which even vary among yourselves, because that's all they are, your opinions, your "feelings". I am only posting because although you may hate me, there may be a few among you who are Christians and who want to please God, rather than only pleasing yourselves. It doesn't make me or any of my friends happy to see anyone who is headed off to the Lake of Fire because homosexuals want to continue to practice their sin, knowing in their hearts and minds that what they are doing is wrong. And if you are a Christian and a homosexual, I know you will never admit it here, but I know you feel a separation from God. It isn't a good feeling, but it comes when you continue in a sin. It happens to any Christian who is purposefully defying God's will for their lives, not just homosexuals. If you're a Christian, please repent, and you will immediately feel the closer intimacy with God that all Christians have, who love God and try to please Him. Jesus is right there, waiting with open arms. I am not saying or implying that we must be sinless and that we must do works for salvation. But there is a difference between sinning and knowingly practicing a sin over and over, week after week, that God calls an abomination. And in fact, you promote your sin, surely that is an abomination as well. Those Christians who are weak, and fall to political correctness, please go to "sola Scriptura", not what feels right to you, or fair to you. We are not God, but we have His Word, and it is clear as can be. I'm sorry He didn't make 5,000 strongly worded verses for you, and made more than 15. But He made them extremely clear. I know that if there *were* 5,000 verses, it wouldn't convince you either. You seek temporary self-pleasure on earth, instead of spending an eternity with Jesus and God the Father, and hopefully your relatives and friends. I vote for the eternity of joy and happiness, instead of the eternity of gnashing of teeth. It's your choice.

These verses refers to those who continue to purposefully seek to satisfy themselves, rather than caring what God says. It is from Hebrews 10: "If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. How much more severely do you think those deserve to be punished who have trampled the Son of God underfoot, who have treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who have insulted the Spirit of grace? For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”and again, “The Lord will judge his people. It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."

Proverbs 3 says: Trust in the LORD with all your heart
And do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the LORD and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your body
And refreshment to your bones."

So, are you going to hate God because of these verses? I sincerely hope you will read them and take them to heart.

And to end any speculations, I am a happily married wife and mother for 26 years. I don't mean to hurt anyone, but very few replied, and you seem to try and want to put us in the closet by insults and rude remarks. You are probably in a very small minority, but your attacks against anyone who views your behaviour as deviant, are very mean spirited, to say the least. I have to think that most are not Christians, but you post in various places, continuing your never ending agenda of pressuring people to perceive this sin as normal, and shoving your lifestyle down our throats.

The only "deviant" thing is lack of love and respect for those different from you. You bigots deserve each other.

I'd much rather be kind to a fellow human being than to some imaginary "patriarch in the sky."

"Put us in the closet with your rude comments"? Oh please. Yeah, raising voices against intolerance is just like taking rights away from people based on their private orientation. Come back when you can't get married because you're a Christian.

I'm curious about how being represented in the media is considered "shoving your lifestyle down our throats"? By that thought, shows that depict heterosexual kissing shoves that lifestyle down *our* throats, don't they?

I'm always amazed at people who profess to love Jesus while engaging in hate-filled prejudice that the man himself would have deplored. Seriously, do you think you're helping people? Because you're not, not a bit.

You can't talk rationally to brainwashed people.

To the church lady who keeps posting pages and pages of sanctimonious hogwash in the comments: Worry about your own so-called sins and keep your nose out of other people's so-called sins, deal? This way nobody gets to shove anything down anybody's throats.

Gay is not a virus, you can't catch it. You're child will be gay or straight regardless of what they watch on TV. Seriously try to think for yourself, don't be like Victoria.

"God loves you. SO HE'S GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!" Sounds very logical to me, fundies.

Ah, the joy of being agnostic. So much less guilt, prejudice and other baggage on your shoulders.

Don't like it, change it. It's 2011, move on.

"Who would Jesus hate" is probably not the best kind of Christianity.

I pity anyone who reads the Bible and sees only fear and judgmental dread in it.

Just the fact that you won't be there, Barbara, is enough to make the "Lake of Fire" sound like Eden to me.

Wow. "Sins" and "lakes of fire"? woman move out of the medieval ages.

Remember, man created God, not the other way around.

Political correctness or not, it's people like this who are sending out the message that gay kids are worthless. Many suicides have resulted from the atmosphere created by the Jesus-freaks.

I'm not anti anything. I'm pro-tolerance, that's all.

I confess to being surprised by the comments to this article. I find that there is a lot of vitriol and sarcasm in their content. So many express anger towards Christians whom they presume to hate homosexuals. Apparently, to express concern over the moral issue of homosexuality is tantamount to hating homosexuals. (Not!) Rather, weirdly, hating people who find homosexuality morally objectionable is just fine. Rather hypocritical, I think. The lady in question, is, I grant, not the most articulate spokesperson but I don't think that deficiency warrants the insults contained in these comments. If I may, let me caution the authors of such caustic comments. Ask yourself why you hate anyone who suggests that moral terms and restraints should be honored by our society. If you are honest you will see that this hatred is in fact a hatred of moral authority, viz., God.

Keep in mind that people often have different moral codes. Not everybody follows the same strictures, and that variety should be respected rather than judged.

Live and let live. It's that simple.

Wow, these comments really used the long knives on Victoria. Well, to be fair, she handed them to them herself. The problem here isn't her concern for morality, but her incoherence and her ignorance. Any points that could be made are washed away in a tide of shrillness and misinformation (the high-pitched conflation of Muslims and gays is especially misguided). One would hope for a less heated and more lucid spokesperson in the matter, somebody who can defend her position with something more than "it's here in the Bible."

Just for the record, Vicki didn't "find" God recently. I went to high school with her and she knew God 'way back then, too. She has been very clear over the years about the struggles she has had with reconciling working in mainstream Hollywood and living her faith...

Wow. After reading all these comments, one thing really strikes me from most if not all of the posters..fear. Fear of not being accepted, fear of being forced to accept something you don't agree with, fear of being ridiculed,dismissed, not loved; fear of not obeying what you believe God has asked you to do (ie, share the gospel)....for people who have rejected God's word or followers/believers who are focusing on little bits while ignoring God's broader message to humanity, I plea with you to read the Bible again, starting with John 3:16 "for God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Totally leaving the issue of homosexuality out of the dscussion, there is not one of us who has not sinned and thus distanced ourselves from God. Christians believe that Jesus is the way back to God and no one is barred from taking that path. If you are sad, lonely, empty, angry what is the harm in asking Jesus "are you really there?" "Are you really real?" And if so, "do you really love ME"? The answer to all three questions will never change.

You know, despite all of the noise, I'm happy for the kiss on "Glee." Nobody is going to die or go to hell because of it, and hopefully oppressed gay people will realize they can be accepted for who they are.

Why do I get the feeling 90% of these comments were posted by the same troll....

Is Victoria Jackson stupid or insane? I'm gonna be generous and just say she drove off the cliff with Toonces the Driving Cat one too many times.

"...And they'll know we are Christians by our love..."

(in regard to the majority of comments here).

@Dan "...And they'll know we are Christians by our love..."

(in regard to the majority of comments here)."

As opposed to the bottomless love represented by Victoria Jackson, right?

It really doesn't look to me as though anyone on this sight is getting anywhere. We are all just getting really fired up about what we believe is right or wrong and irrelevantly insulting the opposing side. Why? I mean . . . . a fight about tolerance . . . . that is a paradox. Please, christian brothers, don't get carried away in your passion to tell the truth . . . Love.

*The way I see it, this is persecution. Victoria Jackson is portrayed in a really unnecessarily . . . . unflattering light. It is clear that the show is trying to make christians look like fools. Well this is how our modern-day, politically correct 'whitewashed' society suppresses believers.*

"Well this is how our modern-day, politically correct 'whitewashed' society suppresses believers"

Ah jeez, go read a history book. Poor persecuted inquisitors, so much martyrdom.

@saddened "It is clear that the show is trying to make christians look like fools." It looked like Victoria was doing a good job with that by herself.

please put prejudice aside for a moment. Victoria is not a member of the inquisition. why should she suffer insults because of the attrocities committed hundreds of years ago? What does the fact that she is not a supermodel have against her arguments?

I don't think this argument is going anywhere. Is anyone here honestly willing to change his or her minds on this subject? And if not can you really expect much more from anyone else?

I'm not criticizing her for any lack of supermodel looks, which aren't important, but for her lack of coherence, human generosity, awareness of other points of view, and the ability to support an argument without shrilly resorting to Bible-thumping. Which are important.

Wow. People just can't resist tarring and feathering each other here. I like the comment left by @annoyed by arguers. These kind of arguments seem to generate so much passion, albeit misdirected. Again, I will say...

"and they'll know we are Christians by our love..."

What a fake. The reporter does all the talking for minutes with only a few seconds of a larger picture of two men sucking each others tongues next to the reporter's face while Victoria gets to talk for only a few seconds with the same larger picture next to her face all the time Victoria is talking. So as you're listening or trying to listen to Victoria this larger picture's prominence draws attention from Victoria. Meantime the reporter yaks away for minutes with no picture next to her and all the attention on her face. Wow, as a marketing person, I know which view the station is pushing. Actually I don't care if a sinner doesn't want to stop sinning, they'll pay the price because God does judge in the end. The idea behind Jesus is to tell people what God doesn't want his people to do and follow God's wantings. Worshiping foreign gods or addictions is not God's wantings. As for Christians, they can't stop preaching God's wantings because they would be turning away from sinning and thus allowing it by condoning it no matter the serverity of the sinning. But Jesus says if the sinner doesn't want to listen, walk away and go to those who will listen. Leave the continuing sinner to his sinning which will destroy him. Let's face it, we see the fallen all around us every day who didn't want help. The addicted sinner can only stop when the sinner wants to, usually when they reach the bottom, its all on them. I say this because we all have control over our sexual urges because it's a bodily function, nothing more. Even the pagans who catered to all kinds of sexual stuff knew that. Being there to help the sinner when they (get) their sinning and want out is loving your neighbor as yourself not condoning their sinning which keeps them in sin.

It's wearying enough to deal with the incessant bias and liberal presentation of maintream media sources. When CT starts to fall prey to it with unnecessary modifiers like "hyper-conservative" to describe an online entity, it's time to move on. Unsubscribing.

Perhaps, for the sake of balance, someone should have beaten the sh!t out of those two fags on the same episode. You know, a nod to all of the tender hearted Christians out there who were offended by a boy kissing another boy. "And they will know we are..." and all that.