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March 4, 2011

Going Gaga over the Gospel?

"Lady Gaga is spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, whether intentionally or not"

Writing for Busted Halo: An Online Magazine for Spiritual Seekers, Helen Lee, a theology student at Fordham University, claims that Lady Gaga is spreading the gospel in her music. She says that Gaga's new single, “Born This Way,” is "an anthem for the different. The song offers words of encouragement for everyone on the margins of society, including gay people, members of racial minorities, and even the 'broke.' She insists that 'God makes no mistakes.'"

Lee goes on: "Gaga is spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, whether intentionally or not. Her views on celibacy, personal strength and individuality are certainly laudable; and far more compelling is what she has to say about human nature and human suffering."

And this: "Because Lady Gaga is able to embrace the ugly, and in so doing embrace the beautiful, she has a sensitivity and appreciation for inevitable human suffering. She acknowledges that people struggle constantly with their fallen nature . . . From her attention to human suffering, I’m reminded of the Christian theme of uniting your sufferings with Christ’s suffering. Gaga is demanding that the marginalized be seen as the valuable, beautiful, Christ-like people they are.

"Lady Gaga is eccentric for sure. She can be grotesque. She can be vulgar. But she is a role model of Christian virtue precisely because it seems unlikely that she would be. She has the potential to introduce God to so many people precisely because it doesn’t seem like she is doing so. Lady Gaga is telling a huge, devoted audience that God loves them."

I would agree that, at least in this song, Gaga is communicating some biblical truths. But to call her a "role model of Christian virtue"? A self-professed bisexual who shows off more of her body than almost any entertainer in history, who says she stays in shape on the "drunk diet," who walked into the Yankees' locker room after a game last summer while swilling whiskey and groping her own breasts, who believes she has two souls, who gave the finger to Mets fans, who . . .

Point made. If she's singing Christian truths, fantastic. But "role model of Christian virtue" doesn't exactly fit the situation.


The song says that God made people gay and lesbian which contradicts the Bible. What gospel would she be spreading? We are called to love all people and not to judge, but the song is not accurate with what the Bible says.

We share what we believe and who we are sincerely with an open life, if doesn't match is because we don' believe it. The life with God has to be shown, and not simply singing a song. The message is defeat it when isn't coming from the sincere heart.

According to Gaga, she's in it to be a big star. And she does her crazy stuff to make sure she becomes a big star.
So, the author is putting a Christian spin to Gaga's own admission she's out to become a star and do what's necessary to make that happen. I don't see the Christian virtue other than tenasiousness. In her interviews, she didn't mention at any time any belief in God, just that her outragiousness is deliberate and calculated all to achieve "her" star status goal like Madonna. Well maybe Madonna is Gaga's god, who knows.



Interview With Lady Gaga

Aired June 1, 2010 - 21:00 ET


KING: Oh. There will never be another you either. Let's go to some other areas. You were raised Catholic. You were raised as a Catholic. What are your feelings toward the church and religion in general?

GAGA: Well, I struggle. I struggle with my feelings about the church in particular. But I guess it's, quite honestly, completely separate, isn't it? religion and the church are two completely separate things.

But in terms of religion, I'm very religious. I was raised Catholic. I believe in Jesus. I believe in God. I'm very spiritual. I pray very much. But at the same time, there is no one religion that doesn't hate or speak against or be prejudiced against another racial group or religious group,
and -- or sexual group. For that, I think religion is also bogus.

So I suppose you could say I'm a quite religious woman that is very confused about religion. And I dream and envision a future where we have a more peaceful religion or a more peaceful world, a more peaceful state of mind for the younger generation. And that's what I dream for.

KING: Do you believe you will go somewhere when you pass on?

GAGA: Do I believe in heaven?

KING: Yes.

GAGA: Or hell? I believe I will go to heaven, but I suppose could go either way, couldn't I?

Gays are welcome at our church, but they are not welcome to make a public issue of their gayness there.

We are ALL sinners. But we will not allow people in the church to advocate their sins.


Um... is the church so lacking in role models that we have to put a 1/2 boob hanging out, vulgar, can't-grow-out-of-emo-preteen-years music idol on a pedestal?

Can't we embrace the marginalized without strutting our stuff and being vulgar and eccentric? I'm sure they'll get the point without all the (pardon my expression but just to make a Gaga-like point...) crap?

"If she's singing Christian truths, fantastic."

If you take a second to look up the lyrics I would say that you can only come to the conclusion that she is not, in fact, spreading gospel truths and it would be good to point that out in your coverage, instead of assuming. (I can't tell if you looked up the lyrics or not.) There's no definitive statement here and so I'm not sure what conclusion you are hoping your reader will draw here.

Her bottom line message is: God doesn't make mistakes and so love yourself. And no where in scripture do I see the command to love yourself. In fact, that can cause significant problems if you make that your main focus.

I think I see your point in telling us about this piece but I would argue that we shouldn't assume that maybe she's spreading truth until we've checked the lyrics. And once we have, I think it's safe to conclude that ultimately - she is not. And so then I would hope that we could make a firm statement that, "No. Even in this instance, she is not spreading truth."

We can celebrate the fact we were “born this way” as God’s creation. But we can’t forget the other half. That we were born as broken people. Broken people in dire need of a Redeemer.


I agree with Carrie - not only is Gaga not a Christian role model but her lyrics are theologically problematical. She says the way we are born is what we should embrace; actually, we were born into sin and should hate our flesh. God doesn't say to us, "You're perfect the way you are, don't change;" rather he says the exact opposite. His grace should inspire a 360 in us. The song is more or less a thinly veiled anthem for embracing homosexuality.

So Helen Lee, how does Lady Gaga's song portraying Judas Iscariot in a positive light make you think she is spreading the gospel now? 1 Corinthians 1:17 - you, Ms. Lee, are one of those who preach the gospel with the wisdom of man, thus, empty the cross of its power...May God open your eyes and give you a revelation of the true purpose of Christ and the cross, and the wrath to come to all who are unregenerate sinners, like Lady Gaga. God have mercy on the Church, on Ms. Lee, and on Lady Gaga as you have on me...please.

Lady Gaga does seem to have a distorted view of Christianity. You can tell by her involvement in The Gospel of Mark for Little Children, a short film by the Third Grade of The Jesus Loves You School.


I was raised christian, and through the years, i have embraced how everyone is different, but i have noticed how closed minded most christians are. we are supposed to love and help others, and look how most of you are degrading Lady Gaga. she is her own person with her own beliefs, and if someone chooses to have her influence thier life, its thier choice. leave her alone, and let her be an amazing artist who only wishes to abdicate non judgement and acceptance.

The song offers words of encouragement for everyone on the margins of society, including gay people, members of racial minorities, and even the 'broke.' She insists that 'God makes no mistakes.

The vitriol expressed by most of the bloggers above is extraordinary.

To condemn another's opinion is a bit unseemly. One of the most enduring thing that a Christian should practice is respect; else we become uncivilized.

To those that love Lady Gaga more than Jesus Christ.
Don't you remember what Jesus Christ said: "Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me;" (Matthew 10:37)
If you love Lady Gaga more than Christ you chose to be unworthy of GOD; will Lady Gaga get you to heaven? can she speaks anything better or more true than Jesus Christ? Doesn't she and people around you, cash in on her fame?
Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and life. (John 14:6)
Those Christians that point her incompatibility with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, don't do this out of hatred or judgement, but want to help others who are confused by the wordly pursuits.