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April 29, 2011

Just for Fun: Movie Mashups

What do you get when one film collides with another? Bedlam. Chaos. And fun.

These are troubled times, so here's a little chance for some fun -- but it all depends on YOU. It's Movie Mashups, where you take two recent film titles, smash them together, and provide a brief synopsis. For example:

Water for African Cats, in which Rob Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon try to assist thirsty lions while on safari . . . and are never seen again

The Bieber, in which Mel Gibson wields a menacing hand puppet that looks like a teen pop star with a bad haircut

Rangorio, in which Johnny Depp’s chameleon turns into an exotic blue bird and flies to Argentina. (Caution: some scenes are quite macawbre)

Red Riding Hoodwinked, in which superbad grannies save the day by killing off all the werewolves

OK, readers. Your turn.