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May 6, 2011

Caviezel "Rejected in My Own Industry"

'Passion of the Christ' star says that offers have decreased since playing Jesus


In a recent speech at First Baptist Church of Orlando, actor Jim Caviezel said he's been "rejected in my own industry" since playing Jesus in 2004's The Passion of the Christ.

The Orlando Sentinel
reported that Caviezel said that director Mel Gibson actually encouraged Caviezel not to play the role, because it could ruin his career. Caviezel: "He said, 'You'll never work in this town again.' I told him, 'We all have to embrace our crosses.' ''

Caviezel also talked about how Gibson's personal life has been in a very public tailspin in recent years; the director has been labeled an anti-Semite and has threatened and cursed at the mother of his youngest child.

"Mel Gibson, he's a horrible sinner, isn't he?" Caviezel said. "Mel Gibson doesn't need your judgment, he needs your prayers."

The Sentinel story also reported that Caviezel, a Roman Catholic, "has never shied from films with religious subtexts, sometimes controversial ones, from The Passion of the Christ (2004) and The Stoning of Soraya M. (2008) to I Am David (2003) and Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004).


Caviezel has said his faith is his guide, both personally and professionally. He speaks of being "called" to the acting profession and says it was no coincidence that "in my 33rd year, I was called to play Jesus." He even joked about his initials — J.C. — with Gibson at the time of his casting, which "freaked him out a little."

Caviezel and his wife have adopted "special-needs" children from China, and one has cancer.

"Maybe God, through my son's death, is going to teach me something."


This sad in a way but certainly not surprising. The same thing happened to many other actors including I believe Connie Selleca, Rene Russo, and others, once they "came out" as believers. I think it is most difficult to follow Christ and be "successful" in the entertainment business.

Caviezel strikes me as disgustingly creepy, or at least incredibly insensitive to his cancer-striken son, to be speaking of the benefit he might get from his son's death. And what makes him think the movie industry owes him acting jobs? Actors are a dime a dozen and many struggle for decades to make a living at it, without having landed feature films like Caviezel. He comes off here as a self-centered, self-pitying jerk.

@Beatrice I kinda see that rather than trying to "benefit" from his son's death, he's keeping his eyes locked on God during a difficult time. But then again, I'm not overly cynical, so that that for what it's worth. I don't know if Caviezel comes across as anything negative from that article, but I certainly know how your comment comes across...

I belive that he earn with previous roles his status as a good actor, many Hollywood stars, Heston, Douglas, Quinn the list goes on played Christian/Jewish even islamic roles and that did not stop their careers. Hollywood needs to focus on the Story and the talent not on the religious beliefs of each person.

I admire Jim Caviezel and his outspoken faith. It must be a very difficult industry to be a Christian in. And as far as him talking about "benefitting" from his son's death, I doubt that is how he would put it. As a parent of six children, three of which have disabilities with one son who has had a possible "death sentence" on his life since he was six months old (he's now 11 years old), I've wrestled with God many times about why my son suffers as he does. A parent must come to grips with this kind of thing. It isn't easy. And if my son's life is cut short, I too believe God will use his death to teach me something (and many others too).

I belive that he earn with previous roles his role as a good actor, dozens Hollywood stars, Douglas, Quinn the scrolls goes on played Christian/Jewish even islamic roles and that did not stop their careers. Hollywood needs to center on the Story and the talent not on the religious religion of each person.

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