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May 6, 2011

Norma McCorvey Appears in Pro-Life Film

The woman who was Roe in 'Roe v. Wade' has a small part in abortion-themed movie


Norma McCorvey, who was "Roe" in 1973's landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, plays a small role in Doonby, an upcoming film that addresses abortion and pro-life issues.

McCorvey, who switched positions and became a pro-lifer about 20 years ago, has appeared in documentaries before, but this is her first feature film. The estimated $2 million movie, which stars Jon Schneider in the lead role, is scheduled to release in September.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that writer/director Peter Mackenzie wanted McCorvey for the part, and the way he found her is a fascinating story -- if not divine intervention. According to THR:

Before researching her whereabouts, the director chose to shoot his film in Smithville -- population 3,902 -- where McCorvey lives. "I guess you could say the project chose me," she says. "God told me to move there two years before but didn't really tell me why. So I obeyed. I had no family there, no friends. I just obeyed." Says Mackenzie: "I tried to find Norma, and that's where it got a little spooky. Out of the blue, during some random conversation, I discovered that Norma actually lived there."

Here's the trailer: