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June 2, 2011

Farewell, David Crowder Band

DCB, one of CCM's brightest spots for the last decade, to call it quits after fall tour

The David Crowder Band announced on its website that its next album, due in September, will be its last, and that the group will go out with a bang with a farewell tour this fall.

"This is why we've so cleverly named it The 7 Tour," DCB explained in the online statement. "The number 7 has often been used to represent completion, and that feels exactly where we are as a band."

The statement went on to imply that they might have known for a long time that their next album -- their sixth -- would be their last one. They say they thought from the beginning (the band formed in 2000) that they would do a 6-album set, with the second three albums "loosely associated with the first three. . . . The problem, or the beauty, is that we've never been able to see past album 6."

The final album will follow 2005's Collision, their last full-length, and will likely be called Mass -- a play on words as another physics term and as a religious service. "Fittingly enough," the statement said, "it seems our little Mass has turned into a Requiem. We'd love your prayers as we endeavor to put at period at the end of this sentence."

Read the whole statement here.


thanks for covering this.
Correction, article says "The final album will follow 2005's Collision, their last full-length".

Actually, you missed two whole albums after Collision.
The new album will follow 2007's "Remedy" and the highly-acclaimed 2009 "Church Music,"
their last full length.


i have a sad!!! DCB's music is always spiritual, intelligent, fun, memorable, singable, scriptural. their shows are one of a kind.

It's always nice when the writer of an article fails to do basic research...

Yeah, Dave, that was a big miss on the writer's part. Their early projects 'Pour Over Me' and 'All I Can Say' would not count within the six albums Crowder references.

What the author meant by follow is that in regards to theme this new album follows A Collision. It is the 6th album to the 3rd album as the 6th day is associated with the 3rd day of creation. That's what he meant.

Yeah, it should probably just read: "The final album will follow 2005's Collision, [be] their last full-length, and will likely be called Mass"

They definitely mean "follow" as not follow up, but be similar to. They point out the fact that Mass is a physics term, much like A Collision had the atom on the cover, as a sort of metaphor for how we view worship.

Isn't this a Christian site? Where is the mercy and grace for the author?

Thank you, Justin, for your graceful comment at the end. Unfortunately, grace and mercy seem to be rare traits among people who identify themselves as "Christians" on this site. What the sentence should have said was that the album will THEMATICALLY follow 2005's Collision, continuing the theme in physics. But shmoes like Mark Green and JoshMshep are apparently far too ready to criticize than they are to get at the heart of the matter. Lord bless 'em anyway. Sheesh.