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August 17, 2011

Tonight on TV! Pint-Sized Preachers!

Watch 4-year-olds deliver fire-and-brimstone sermons on the National Geographic Channel

Directly from CNN's Belief Blog:
They preach, the heal the sick, and they swagger from the pulpit. But these aren't your average preachers, they are children dubbed pint-sized preachers. The viral internet phenomenon is transitioning to TV in a new documentary.

On Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET, the National Geographic Channel will air “Pint-Sized Preachers,” a documentary looking inside the controversial world of child evangelists and the families who watch over them.

The hourlong documentary tells the stories of three young boys who have gained notoriety for their explosive sermons and, in one case, a self-proclaimed power to heal the sick with a single touch.

Will the documentary have the same cringe-inducing effect on viewers as, say, TLC’s “Toddlers and Tiaras”?

After watching this preview, I don't know whether I'm fascinated or totally turned off:


wow. that's just sad.

The Lord save us from this misled human being!

Do these kids really understand what they're saying or is it imitation?

What else can be said?

They won't let women preach but they'll let little toddlers? Amazing.

I grew up in the day of MarJoe (MaryJoseph) and Little David. MarJoe as an adult tried to make it as an actor but his life was screwed up. Little David did survive and continued in the ministry but not the headliner his dad wanted. His sister (a singer) wasn't so fortunate and couldn't handle a controlling father. As a PK I watched some kids and their "stage mothers" and cringed because it was so cruel and abnormal. Pray for these children to have the strength to say no and the parents to see the harm they are doing to their kids in not allowing them to lead a simple and fun filled childhood and show them how to live a Christ filled life.

That made me physically ill to watch that. I am praying for that young boy as I type this.

The child spouts gibberish while performing like a trained seal. When that boy grows older, he will hold his father reponsible for not only encouraging that revolting performance, but for taping it so that it will haunt him forever.

Utterly disgusting.

The word Exploitation comes to mind.