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September 6, 2011

Documentary Examines 9/11 Cross at WTC

Chaplains, police, firemen remember finding the cross in the wake of the attack


As the World Trade Center cross makes the news again in recent weeks -- atheists suing to keep it from being displayed at the memorial, and a NY lawmaker wanting it to be called a national monument -- it's a good time to revisit a 2006 documentary that tells the story of that cross.

The Cross and the Towers, winner of a Crystal Heart Award from the Heartland Film Festival, looks back at 9/11 and the ensuing days through the eyes of seven people, several of whom were on the scene and digging through the rubble in search of survivors. The 54-minute documentary follows their stories through the finding of the steel beams intersecting to form a perfect cross, a symbol of hope that remains at Ground Zero today. It's definitely worth a watch as we remember that historical, horrible day.

The film is available to stream for $3.99 here. And here's the trailer:


Facts are good indeed. Here are a few. The men and women who appear in this film experienced something in their service of their fellow man during 9/11. They share a testimony of how they felt, during their extremely challenging moments.
To sit at ringside and to have disparaging commentary on the essence of this film, is really to miss the point. The film is not about Christians, it is about men and women serving at an important moment in our collective history. Having seen the film, I find your criticism both ill-argued and missing the message of hope under duress proposed by the film, or do you have a problem with that concept? The film simply is not about all the side issues you raise at all. This September 11 documentary is not about the two pieces of steel on memorial, its about those who bravely passed by it over and over, 10 years ago.

Brother, I understand your concern. Please understand mine. It seems the Evangelical church these days has become impotent in being a driving force for truth and change within America. We have become corporate clubs full of showmanship and motivational guru's. 9/11 was a historical transformation of this country, its rights and freedoms, and demonstrated the depth Christians and others are willing to be deceived by their governments. We desire nice little tales like this story, rather than raw, gritty truth that forces us into action. There is ample evidence that the American public was horrible decieved and lied to about what happened on 9/11 and who was involved. The greater story is not this little cross and the stories it inspired, but how we, as the people of truth allowed the US government to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, rally Churches around Godless, endless wars to the shame of Christ, and systematically destroy the constitution while building secret prisons, torturing people, developing a gulag system in third world countries and a concentration camp for political prisoners in Cuba..and all we do, like the Church in Germany during Hitler is "Sing a little louder" and ignore our call to be salt and light. This 9/11 I will be on the street preaching and warning this nation...I pray you get informed about what is happening so you can help equip your church for whats coming. When a government is allowed to commit such great crimes as 9/11 and the wars which followed..massive death and oppression of the people of that nation shortly follow. May God guide you in this affair.

I don't usually get involved in these debates, but I think I will this time.

Brother Raymond,

On some accounts, you're right. We as the church have allowed ourselves to be disconnected from places that need Jesus the most, including government. Am I happy about the way this nation has chosen to go both politically and morally? Of course not! However, there are people and churches that are showing the love of Jesus on a daily basis and making a difference in the community around them. That's what matters, and one day, God is going to get all the glory.

I have had the privilege of working under the Erwin Brothers, the filmmakers, and believe me, "The Cross and the Towers" is about seeing God glorified through the horrors of that day. 9/11? Yeah, it shook the nation and there are most likely some things that I'll never know about the events that surrounded it; however, this documentary is not about that (like Dan said). It's about a symbol of hope and God saying, "I'm still here, "during one of the worst tragedies of this nation. Guess what? God is still moving.

I actually challenge you, Brother Raymond, as a fellow Christian to work on your humility. Our lives are supposed to point to Christ in every aspect. Please don't be a stumbling block to those that need Jesus the most.

Soli Deo Gloria!

@ Brother Raymond I take it from the use of your words "Facts" and "Deceived" and phrase "Wake up" that you are a 9/11 truther? aka 9/11 was an inside job and not carried out by Islamic radical terrorists.

If one believes in this whole conspiracy of 9/11 thing ("a truther"); why would an American citizen want to live in a country where it's government would do such a horrific thing?

Brother Raymond, eloquently said! It is frustrating to talk to these lukewarm Christians that have no history of their origins of belief and if they think it is Jesus they are wrong! It is John Darby's dispensation theology! These lukewarm Christians have no world history as well. So they don't see the uncanny parallels to the 30's Germany and the dangers of unbridled power in the hands of truly evil leaders!
These lukewarmers love to immerse themselves in feel good distractions! I'm sorry... but I'm tired of being genteel with the lukewarmers, they need to be awakened and it can't be done with whispers and telling them how wonderful they are!

I would challenge the brother who stated he works under the producer to go watch the film sycamore: the 9/11 tragedy.I believe it gives a powerful insight into what God was saying in the 9/11 attacks. I am not a "Truther" I am a Christian which makes me someone who desires truth in every aspect of life. If the worse you can do is mutter "Truther" under your breath then it further demonstrates that you desire to label not seek truth. Not sure what the humility comments are about. My comments are based on years of research and preaching throughout this nation and seeing the same spirit on all the churches I went to from multitude of denominations. It is the spirit of slumber and not enduring sound doctrine. How many of you who commented against what I said have read the 9/11 commission report and studied its fabrications, misinformation, omissions and distortions. How many of you have interviewed survivor family members and people who know what is going on, have gone public and been threatened by government agents. I am not spouting my opinion I have put alot of sweat in figuring out what happened because the last days will be full of deception. Instead of trowing accusations lets talk about the issues. Send me an email.

Well BR is the one of the tests of Orthodoxy and one's commitment to Christ based on whether or not they believe 9/11 was an inside job?

It is easy to demonize people by trying to fit them into a label. no, I am not a truther, I am a Christian. And as A Christian I am obligated to be a person of light, expose the hidden works of darkness and not allow myself to be deceived on any level whether spiritual or political. I am to walk in the light. Many, are not walking in the light concerning 9/11. May we all seek Yeshua and to be people of the light and not allow secular governments use fear and lies to push us into conflicts which have nothing to do with kingdom work.

I would challenge the brother who stated he works under the producer to go watch the film sycamore