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February 15, 2012

'Blue Like Jazz' Gets a Poster and a Big Gig

Upcoming film, based on Donald Miller's bestseller, gets a spot in the SXSW Film Fest

Blue Like Jazz, the new movie based on Donald Miller's book, doesn't release to theaters till April 13, but its world premiere comes a month earlier, on March 13, at the prestigious SXSW Film Festival in Austin.

Meanwhile, the filmmakers let fans vote on the movie's official poster. Here's the winner:



The book was over rated. I don't see the need to make a movie with Miller's kind of drivel in it.

I read the book in college and was moved to ponder the things of God in a new light. However, I saw a screening of the movie back in Oct. and wasn't that impressed. The acting was quality and the movie was well made, but it seemed to highlight sin and not redemption. The church is made a mockery of in the beginning and never painted positively. The gospel seems to have gotten lost in the conversion from book to film.

Here is the trailer for Blue Like Jazz.
I have not seen the film yet, but my take on the book is that a lot of its gospel message was intended to be leavened with of our own (Christians') repentance of a less-than-loving history.


I read Blue Like Jazz several years ago. It affected my view of God and the Christian life like few other books. I find it interesting that the response the books and movies like this is very different from those within the church and those outside the Christian bubble. Perhaps, to some degree, this is as it should be. In another sense we need to be producing art that allows both Christians and non-Christians to understand the relevance of God in this culture. I am excited the see the way the Blue Like Jazz movie stirs both those in and outside the church to know God with new depth.