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February 2, 2012

Look Who's Making a Comeback!

Eight years after calling it quits -- well, sort of -- Five Iron Frenzy is back from the dead

Back when ska was red-hot, Five Iron Frenzy was too, not just for their style of music, but for their energy (awesome live shows!), creativity, intelligence, and humor. So when they called it quits in 2003, fans everywhere moaned and groaned. Well, good news: They're coming back. They raised an astonishing $200,000-plus on Kickstarter to record a new album, they've already released a new single (free on NoiseTrade), and they're playing a number of shows this spring and summer.

Read all about it on their website, and hear frontman Reese Roper talk about the comeback in the video below -- where you can also watch him eat a handful of mayonnaise. If you want.